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La Première

DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première

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The Limited Edition model that's stylish, advanced and refined


We are offering an exclusive version of our first SUV, DS7 CROSSBACK, a car that's designed and built in France.
If you're dreaming of one model that embodies your taste for style and innovation, look no further than DS7 CROSSBACK La Première. It's as refined as it is technically advanced.

The future of SUVs is here

Buy a car that's truly ahead of its time

Be first behind the wheel of the limited edition DS7 CROSSBACK La Première. This special model is available through online reservation now. Be among the first to have one presented to you from March 2018.

You can have your DS7 CROSSBACK La Première brought to you or collect it from a DS Store.

DS 7 Crossback La Première - Back

Experience DS7 CROSSBACK La Première through virtual reality with our new DS Virtual Vision. Equipped with a virtual reality headset from the DS Store, you'll be able to explore our limited edition model in extraordinary detail.

DS Virtual Vision enables you to immerse yourself in the very heart of our craftsmanship, discover our collection of exterior colours, high quality interior materials and latest technologies. As you might expect from us, it's an approach that's innovative and avant-garde.

Charisma by design

DS 7 CROSSBACK stands out from the crowd


Striking design features include:
- An upright front for a strong, distinguished appearance, qualities that are enhanced by DS7 CROSSBACK’s ribbed bonnet
- The gloss black front grille with our distinctive DS Wings motif that merges seamlessly with our signature of spectacular lighting (DS Active LED Vision and vertical LED daytime running lights)
- The 20 inch ‘Paris’ alloy wheels with the DS emblem and exclusive La Première badges
- An elegant finish in Artense Grey, Pearl White or Perla Nera Black




Looking like pieces of jewellery, the LED lights at the front illuminate as soon as DS7 CROSSBACK La Première is unlocked. The light is crimson then swivels through 180° providing a new signature that's bewitching and unique.




DS7 Crossback - DS 3D REAR LIGHTS

A sophisticated look from the back too


The rear lights also contribute to DS7 CROSSBACK's strong identity. Employing full LED technology they appear 3D to create the visual effect of scales. It's a new feature that we think stands out because it's so cool.

La Première: distinguished and distinct

Three chic colours

DS7 Crossback

An exquisite interior



Quality and craftsmanship ooze from every pore of DS7 CROSSBACK La Première’s Nappa leather upholstery. Its exclusive DS Inspirations interior is clad in deep Art Rubis coloured hide, from steering wheel to seats. 



Inspired elegance

Each material and detail of the DS Inspirations interior is carefully chosen and crafted


Our master craftsmen meticulously cloak the cockpit's surfaces with quality materials. The delightful BRM R180 timepiece, 12 inch HD touchscreen, ambient interior lighting and FOCAL Electra® HiFi system add to the sensation of tranquility.

The obsession with detail

Exclusive revolving branded B.R.M. watch


We are extending our partnership with BRM Chronographes. For DS7 CROSSBACK, the premium French watchmaker has come up with an exclusive timepiece: the R180.

This sits on the dashboard but is hidden by a cover until you start DS7 CROSSBACK. At that point, the cover unfurls to reveal the timepiece in all its glory. The R180 is connected to the vehicle's electronics so the hands automatically move to the correct time. When the ignition is turned off, the timepiece disappears beneath its cover again.  

Ambient interior lighting


Our ambient interior lighting means DS7 CROSSBACK La Première welcomes you with a Carmine Red tone. You can also personalise the feel of the interior by selecting the lighting of the door handles as well as its intensity.

Art Rubis Nappa leather seats


The watchstrap design of the Art Rubis coloured Nappa leather seats is accentuated by the 'pearl stitch' seams. This know-how was developed specifically for us by our master saddlers. 

Tranquility comes to life

Choose between the two most powerful engines


The 2.0-litre BlueHDI 180 S&S diesel: power, efficiency and CO₂ emissions of 128g/km*.

The 1.6-litre THP 225 S&S petrol: flexible, characterful and 137g/km* of CO₂.

New eight-speed automatic gearbox for both.

* EU test results


On the way to autonomous driving


By combining Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go (ACC Stop & Go) with Lane Positioning Assist (LPA) DS Connected Pilot enables DS7 CROSSBACK to drive and steer itself in certain conditions. It keeps DS7 CROSSBACK in its lane and a safe distance from the vehicle in front, making driving stress free.

DS Safety

DS Night Vision Pack*


See in the dark

DS Night Vision detects hard-to-see pedestrians and animals in the dark ahead and warns you of them. By using an infrared camera mounted in the grille, DS Night Vision relays a black and white image of the road ahead to the 12.3" screen in the instrument panel. Hazards are first outlined in yellow, then red as they get closer. It can improve visibility at night by up to 300m.
360° Vision shows an overhead view of DS7 CROSSBACK La Première and its surroundings on the 12" touchscreen.

* Optional





Stay focused

This system improves safety by constantly monitoring your face in order to detect early signs of tiredness or distraction. DS Driver Attention Monitoring works day and night and employs a camera mounted in the windscreen. If DS Driver Attention Monitoring thinks you’re not being vigilant enough, it will prompt you with visual and audible warnings.




See and be seen

We’ve developed DS Active LED Vision with its Adaptive Front System to adjust DS7 CROSSBACK’s lighting for the prevailing conditions. Using full LED technology, each main LED headlamp has three adaptable rotary modules. This has various benefits. The power DS Active LED Vision draws is variable according to conditions for improved efficiency. Blown bulbs are a thing of the past: LED lights last the lifetime of the vehicle. And the lights improve safety and comfort by reducing driver fatigue through enhanced illumination.


DS Lounge

Features that make DS 7 CROSSBACK tranquil yet dynamic

DS Active Scan Suspension


Clever camera-controlled active suspension gives you the best ride possible, whatever the road.

Electric opening panoramic sunroof with LED lighting*


A panoramic glass sunroof with electric opening and blind can be specified on DS7 CROSSBACK.

* Optional

DS Sensorial Drive*

Pick a firmer ride, sportier engine sound or different screen graphics. The choice is yours.

* Optional


DS ConnectedCAM*

Integrated in the rearview mirror, this HD camera videos what's happening in front of the car.

* Optional

Extended bi-zone automatic air conditioning*

The extended bi-zone automatic air conditioning allows you to adjust both heating and ventilation just right wherever you sit in the car thanks to an additional interface located in the second row.

* Optional


FOCAL Electra®* HiFi system

This premium sound system uses 14 carefully positioned speakers to create a true auditorium.

* Optional