A world of new sensations

Each DS centre is a world dedicated to elegance, luxury and refinement with a discreet ambience and carefully selected products. Service is precise, attentive and sophisticated. Quality is a given rather than a requirement.

DS World Paris

So Parisian!

Just a stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées. Step into the refined world of DS and stimulate your senses.

Look, touch, smell, listen and taste all the subtilities of the spirit of DS. A brand store and showcase, DS World Paris also acts as a stage and gallery, welcoming many artists and performers.

DS World Shanghai, Nanjing Road

The DS showcase in China

Representing the DS spirit in China, DS World Shanghai is the flagship among the 70 DS Stores set to open in China in the near future. Here, you can take a unique journey through the history of DS. The Heritage collection, concept cars and latest models are displayed over an area of 6,000 m².

DS Store

DS Stores are fully dedicated DS retailers providing automotive refinement and French-style know-how. The stores are purpose built to present the DS range and associated products and services

DS Salon

Special local access

Located in Citroën dealerships, these are dedicated DS display areas offering a similar experience to DS stores but on a smaller scale.