DS 5 Dashboard


The new generation of navigation:

* Real time traffic information
* Permanent and temporary danger zones warning
* On-board connection


DS Connect Nav is a brand new navigation combined with voice recognition.
It will guide you to your destination with services such as real-time traffic information, available on the DS Connect Pack. It also includes Mirror Screen functionality, compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and  MirrorLink®.

DS Connect Nav Pack services

This pack includes real-time traffic information thanks to TomTom Traffic, potential danger zones warning, weather forecast, fuel prices and parking availabilty.

Services included in the car's price, for a three years duration*.

*Availability may vary depending on countries.

Traffic information and danger zones

Your DS will take you through a route optimized based on traffic state, thanks to an update every two minutes.
You'll then know in real-time expected arrival time.
Your DS will warn you about temporary and permanent danger zones* that you might find on your journey.

*Available according to circulation country's legislation.

Fuel prices and parking availibilty

Fuel prices in petrol stations near you will be displayed. Similarly, parkings will tell you how many spaces are free, along with hourly prices.*
You can also anticipate your driving conditions thanks to daily weather forecasts, that will be shown on your route.

*Partner parkings and petrol stations informations only displayed.


Included cartography/maps update

DS 5 Overhead console

Road networks are constantly evolving. In order to take into account all this modifications to guide you, when purchasing a DS equipped with DS Connect Nav you will benefit from free maps updates, four times a year.

Go to your MyDS personal account for more information.

Internet connection

DS 5 Dashboard

Services from DS Connect Nav Pack are available through the mobile Internet connection of the DS Connect Box.
No need for a subscription, even when you travel abroad.
Simply start the navigation system to enjoy its functionalities.

How to subscribe

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First three years of DS Connect Nav Pack services are included when purchasing a DS.
You can extend your subscription anytime via your MyDS personnal account or in your nearest dealership.
"Danger zone" service is available as a chargeable option.