The smartphone app that connects to your DS


Mirror Screen has been designed to work with the MyDS app to let you get the most out of your existing devices

The content of any compatible smartphone’s screen will be shown on your DS’s 7-inch touchscreen. The technology is called Mirror Screen and it’s been designed for ultimate functionality. Working with the MyDS app it gives you access to all the apps you use day to day on your phone. That means listening to and dictating text messages, keeping connected to your social networks, listening to your own music and even managing your diary.
By using MirrorLink®* for Android phones or Apple’s CarPlay, you can even use the sophisticated voice recognition software to control your phone without touching it. It means you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel for maximum safety.

* Smartphones have to be compatible with MirrorLink 1.1


We’ve all parked in unfamiliar places and struggled to find our car again. The MyDS app helps locate your car, wherever you are

You’ve left your car and you can’t find it again. The MyDS app will show you where it is on a map and even give you the most direct pedestrian route back to it.