The quest for perfection

Dream, desire, explore, imagine, design, innovate, build, and finally deliver. In their quest for perfection, our experts left no stone unturned.


DS 7 CROSSBACK is the result of their passion, talent and inspiration. It is the physical embodiment of our spirit of the avant-garde.


Because the devil really is in the detail, nothing has been left to chance in our pursuit of excellence. Now it’s time to unveil a multi-faceted jewel of engineering and craftsmanship and welcome you to a world where DS Automobiles really comes life. 


Representing the living spirit of the avant-garde, Eric Apode, DS Senior Vice President Products, Business Development and Profitability, and Thierry Metroz, DS Design Director share their vision. Here they talk about new DS 7 CROSSBACK which until its launch in March 2017 was known simply by its code name: Project X74.


“Throughout the design process, the target was for DS 7 CROSSBACK to express refinement, excellence, and high standards of craftsmanship. The result is a charismatic car of perfect size with true magnetism, both inside and out. The perfect alchemy of power and elegance.”

Thierry Metroz, DS Design Director


We’ve employed trademark Parisian innovation and savoir-faire to make DS 7 CROSSBACK a striking, expressive design that has a singular beauty; one that’s immediately recognisable.

With dynamic lines that play off each other perfectly, it’s an expressive shape that conveys dignity and elegance.

To start this second generation of vehicles and a new era for DS Automobiles, we’ve redesigned the badge. It sits proudly, like a coat of arms, in the middle of the SUV’s grille completing the design signature we call DS WINGS. Majestically vertical, it perfectly complements DS 7 CROSSBACK’s size.


We’ve emphasised the length and strength of DS 7 CROSSBACK with ribs in the aluminium bonnet which form an arrow between the top of the grille and the two-tone door mirrors. The sides are sculpted with sharp creases on the front and rear wings, accentuating DS 7 CROSSBACK’s muscular beauty.


At the rear, the lights are showcased by styling that’s clean yet curvaceous.


The spectacle begins the moment DS 7 CROSSBACK is unlocked with DS ACTIVE LED VISION lighting up in a welcome gesture. The LED light modules swivel from side to side, then when driving, their angle is dependent on speed, the position of the steering and weather conditions.


The DS 3D Rear Lights rely on full LED technology and appear like the scales of a reptile, something that we believe contributes to our SUV’s avant-garde character. In order to accomplish our enchanting lighting signature we resorted to the latest technology such as incredibly precise laser engraving.


“Each DS reflects the desires of each customer, and involves unique forms of craftsmanship. Our designers, engineers, upholsterers... all put their expertise into the task of designing the interior, working with only exquisite materials and an expert craftsman’s attention to detail.”

Thierry Metroz, DS Design Director

Personalisation is one expression of our artisanal savoir-faire. Thus the interior of DS 7 CROSSBACK is available with four different DS Inspirations designed to suit a wide range of tastes and personalities: DS Inspiration BASTILLE, DS Inspiration RIVOLI, DS Inspiration PERFORMANCE Line and DS Inspiration OPERA. Each of these features quality materials from crystal to Nappa leather with accents in Alcantara. DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première features Art Rubis from the DS Inspiration OPERA.


Elegant materials are used expansively throughout the cockpit over large surfaces such as the dashboard, doors and seats as well as for the smallest details including the airbag covers, door handles and sun visors.


The refinement within DS 7 CROSSBACK is highlighted by the attention we’ve paid to the smallest details.


There are crystal inset controls, aluminium pedals and pearl stitching that quietly underlines the watchstrap design of the Nappa leather seats, dashboard and door panels.


The chrome centre console is decorated with a ‘Clous de Paris’ pattern, just like the B.R.M R180 Timepiece. Clous de Paris is one of the most revered finishes in watchmaking. It is made from small furrows that intersect. The raised parts then form tiny pyramid shapes.


Throughout the B.R.M Chronographes manufacturing process, Bernard Richards shows off the artform behind his family run company, fine watchmaker and supplier to the luxury industry. According to him, savoir-faire requires a blend of technique and perfection at every stage.


In 2016 B.R.M Chronographes announced the start of its partnership with DS Automobiles at that year’s Geneva Motor Show.


The next step of our joint adventure is the creation of R180, a moving watch that’s slim and refined, specially conceived for DS 7 CROSSBACK.


Combining tradition with technology, this jewel of a watch sits majestically on the dashboard, leaving its case and pivoting around itself into position when the car is started.


The centrally mounted HD touchscreen connects you to the navigation, multimedia, Mirror Screen and DS Connect Nav. This generation of 3D connected navigation with voice recognition lets you control the satellite navigation and other media in total safety without taking your eyes off the road.


The second screen in the instrument panel can be personalised to provide all the information you need, directly in your field of vision. Technology like this features throughout DS 7 CROSSBACK


For seeing in the dark

Visibility at night and therefore safety are maximised with DS NIGHT VISION. An infrared camera in DS 7 CROSSBACK’s front grille detects pedestrians, cyclists and animals on the road up to 100m ahead.


You can then see clearly what’s in front of DS 7 CROSSBACK in the digital instrument panel. Hazards are highlighted in yellow or red depending on how close they are. This helps you to anticipate danger and react in plenty of time.



You’ll be one step closer to autonomous driving with this innovative system which helps you to drive while enabling you to re-take total control whenever you want. By regulating vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, ACC Stop&Go (Adaptive Cruise Control) helps reduce the risk of collision. This is paired with LPA (Lane Positioning Assist) which enables DS 7 CROSSBACK to stay in the middle of its lane. If a stop doesn’t last longer than three seconds, DS 7 CROSSBACK will re-start automatically.


DS CONNECTED PILOT is particularly useful in traffic jams or on motorways where it will maximise safety for added peace of mind.


Unique technology for this kind of car

Anticipation is the key word when it came to developing a DS suspension system for the 21st Century. For that, the camera situated behind the windscreen, four attitude sensors and three accelerometers analyse the road surface as well as DS 7 CROSSBACK’s reactions. They then transmit this data instantly to a computer which works independently on each wheel, making the suspension harder or softer. Its swift reactions and finesse improve comfort on the move and create a unique driving experience.


To ensure you stay focused on the road, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING surveys the four principal signs of distraction or fatigue: movement of the eyes, eyelids and neck as well as the trajectory of the vehicle in relation to the road markings.


Thanks to its infrared camera, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING detects when the car is moving erratically or not in a straight line and analyses the blinking of the eyes for signs of driver fatigue. It then automatically sounds an audible signal as well as a warning that flashes up on your instrument panel.