Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DS 3 Connected Chic contactless key?

A: The Connected Chic integrated car key integrates bPay’s innovative Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip technology, within the existing DS 3 Connected Chic key to allow customers a more convenient way of making purchases. Customers will be able to track their spending, top up their balance, and take control to block or cancel the contactless payment element, should they need to, using the dedicated bPay app available on Apple Store or Google Play.


Q: Why has DS launched a contactless car key?

A: DS wishes to satisfy the needs of customers, offering technological solutions that make life easier. With the growing popularity of contactless payment DS is offering an easy solution to making quick payments by simply using your car key.


Q: How do I activate the key to make payments?

A: The payment functionality is powered by bPay. If you're new to bPay, you'll need to register for a bPay account and link your new device. You can do this on their website or by downloading the bPay app.


If you've already got a bPay account, you can add an additional device to your account online or in the bPay app.


Q: Do I need to have a Barclaycard or Barclays account to use bPay?

A: No. You don't need to have a Barclaycard or Barclays bank account. You can add money to a bPay account using any MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card, registered to a UK address.


Q: How do I use the contactless key to make payments?

A: It works in the same way as a contactless card. It's safer than cash and just as secure as chip and PIN. Just touch your device on the reader to make payments of £30 and under, quickly and safely.


You can use contactless at over 400,000 locations in the UK. You can also use bPay across the world. Just look for the contactless symbol



Q: How do I top-up the contactless key?

A: With the delivery of your DS 3 Connected Chic vehicle you will receive a welcome pack which will include instructions on how to add money to the contactless key. First, you’ll need to activate the contactless key via the bPay app or website. Once you’ve activated the device you can top it up and enjoy fast, simple and secure payments whenever you see the contactless symbol.


Q: How much money can I add to my bPay account?

A: The maximum balance you can have on your bPay account is £200. If you make a purchase, the amount will be taken from the available balance on your bPay wallet immediately, or if it is a Transport for London transaction, at the end of the working day. 


Q: How can I de-activate the contactless payment option?

A: The contactless payment option will not be ready to use until you activate it. So if you don’t want to use this option you do not have to do anything.


If the you’ve activated your bPay account and then decide to deactivate this service at a later date, you can do this at any time by contacting bPay via secure messaging.


*Please note - once a bPay device has been de-activated it cannot be re-activated in the future.


Q: Is there a window between de-activating the key and payments being stopped?

A: As soon as the bPay device has been de-activated, no further transactions will be permitted.


Q: Does the payment key functionality work abroad / outside the UK?

A: Yes. If you use your key abroad, the transaction will be converted into pounds sterling at the Visa reference exchange rate applicable on the day the transaction is processed. 


Q: Do I get a receipt for any payments I make?

A: Yes, the merchant will be able to offer a receipt to you when the purchase has been successfully approved.


For TFL journeys, you can view your journey history on the Transport for London (TfL) site by registering certain secure bPay account details. In your bPay account go to 'Devices' in the main menu and select 'view secure information'.


This information should be kept secure. We recommend you don't access your secure information in a public place.


Q: What happens if I lose my car key or it gets stolen?

A: If your key has been lost or stolen, please let bPay know immediately using the lost and stolen option by logging into your account online or via the bPay app. bPay will then block your contactless payment key. You can replace your key at your DS retailer.


 Q: What happens if I give my key to somebody?

A: As your key can be used for contactless payment you should take extra care when it is out of your possession, as the key could be used to make contactless payments without your consent. It is recommended that you use your spare key if you need to give a key to another individual.


Q: What happens if I sell my car?

A: If you sell your car, please ensure you close your bPay account to ensure that the person purchasing your car cannot use it. You can do this using the lost and stolen option by logging into your account online or via the bPay app. bPay will then block your contactless payment method. If you wish to continue using bPay please go to your local dealer to have your chip removed from the key so you can keep it.


Q: How do I register for bPay if I’ve lost my chip ID?

A: Please take your key to your local DS dealer who will be able to extract the chip and provide you with the chip ID.


Q: What happens if my key is no longer working to make payments?

A: Please check that you have sufficient funds in your account by logging in online at bPay.co.uk or checking your app. If you have and it still isn’t working, please go to bPay.co.uk/help-centre for support.


Q: How long does the contactless key offer last? 

A: A contactless payment car key will be offered to all customers who purchase a DS 3 Connected Chic between 1 September 2017 - 31 December 2018.


Q: For how long can the contactless key be used? 

A: Each contactless key has an expiry date. You can view your expiry date in your bPay online account or within the bPay mobile app. Go to 'Devices' in the main navigation and select 'TfL secure information' next to your device. This will then show the expiry month and year of your device. 


Q: Does the contactless payment technology interfere with the key’s functions?

A: The contactless chip does not touch any of the technology inside the key, and it does not interfere with any of its functions.


Q: Is the contactless payment technology safe and secure?

A: Yes, the contactless payment technology is a safe payment method, and can be used in the same way as a contactless payment debit or credit card.


Q: How do you know when you run out of money on the key?

A: If you try to make a purchase for a higher amount than your balance, your transaction will be declined but you can view your balance and details of payments in and out of your key online or via the bPay app.


Auto top up can be used to make sure that you always have money to spend using your bPay device. When your balance falls below a certain level it automatically tops up with an agreed amount. You will be sent a text or email to confirm this. These amounts and thresholds can be easily changed. In your bPay account select 'edit auto top up' from the main dashboard.


Remember, the maximum you can top up across each wallet in a single day is £400. The maximum balance on any individual wallet is £200. If you try to exceed these limits then your top up will be declined.


Your auto top up will only trigger on an approved transaction. If you try to make a purchase for a higher amount than your balance, your transaction will be declined and auto top up with not take place.


For full T&C’s and FAQ’s regarding bPay, please visit the bPay website.