DS 7 CROSSBACK configurator

Personalise your new DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV with our DS configurator! Personalise your new SUV, available as a hybrid, according to your expectations and needs: specification, power unit, equipment, design etc… Produce the new DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV exactly as you want it!


Available DS 7 CROSSBACK specifications

Your SUV is available in several versions: BASTILLE, BUSINESS, BASTILLE +, PERFORMANCE LINE, PERFORMANCE LINE +, RIVOLI as well as in the limited edition LIGNE NOIRE and LOUVRE. All these specifications come with a range of the latest equipment and accessories to meet all your needs.


Different choices of possible power unit

Whatever specification you pick, you can choose between a PureTech petrol engine, BlueHDi diesel or E-TENSE plug-in hybrid for your DS 7 CROSSBACK. To guarantee maximum comfort, DS 7 CROSSBACK offers an 8-speed automatic gearbox on all versions.   


Interior and exterior design that suits you

Your DS 7 CROSSBACK can be personalised   to your liking with numerous options: the choice of feel inside, the colour of the bodywork and roof and even the wheels. Enhance your DS 7 CROSSBACK and make it the car that suits you.


DS 7 CROSSBACK’s dimensions

Your DS 7 CROSSBACK has a length of 4573mm, a width of 1906mm with door mirrors folded, and a height of 1625mm. The hybrid SUV has a spacious 555L boot. DS 7 CROSSBACK also features numerous storage spaces for more practicality and comfort.


DS 7 CROSSBACK’s equipment

To always ensure your wellbeing and safety, DS 7 CROSSBACK has a range of equipment depending on the version you choose: front and rear parking sensors, pre-warming the car from a smartphone or the 12” touch screen, DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, a revolutionary suspension system, an LED that indicates the car is being used in 100% electric mode and Regenerative Braking to ensure the best possible energy recovery when you decelerate.