DS E-TENSE side view

Concept car



DS E-TENSE encapsulates Stunning design and technology, to open a door to the future.

Perfectly proportioned with flowing lines and chrome detailing, torque of 516 Nm, 402 hp and zero CO2 emissions… this outstanding coupé GT DS Concept delivers an exceptional driving experience.


DS E-TENSE Concept: Innovative & high-performance

DS E-TENSE headlights
DS E-TENSE door panel
DS E-TENSE rear lights

Created in 2016, this electric powered race car redefines the laws of mobility and captivates with its fluid, sculpted shape.  

DS E-TENSE interior


The DS Concept car that delivers French luxury hand built by craftsmen.

More than 800 hours of expertise and the finest of materials have delivered an interior of luxurious refinement in DS E-TENSE, with beautifully stitched leather and unique aluminium detailing.


Unique, powerful and refined, DS E-TENSE was born to be driven.

DS E-TENSE front profile
DS E-TENSE headlight
DS E-TENSE interior dashboard
DS E-TENSE wheel arch
DS E-TENSE rear profile