Our radical take on a future sportscar uses battery power but still has our hallmark progressive styling

At DS, we like to do things our own way. With Survolt we came up with a racing car that broke through the traditional barriers. When it was unveiled in 2010 it didn’t look like any other racing car. It wasn’t powered by an internal combustion engine like regular racing cars either. Look at the aerodynamic design around the side sills, the LED lights, the heavily sculpted bodywork and the sophisticated cockpit. They’re all characteristics that make DS production cars of today stand out. And remember the DS Virgin Racing Team now competes in the FIA Formula E championship – a series for all-electric racing cars.


Race car looks, road car luxury

Low slung with sculpted flanks and dramatic wheel arches, Survolt looks every inch the racing car. Until you get inside. There, it uses advanced and sophisticated technology to give driver and passenger supreme comfort.


With its wind-cheating shape, Survolt was designed to give drivers the ultimate dynamic drive. Instant steering responses and immediate power delivery are guaranteed to thrill

Survolt’s all-electric powertrain uses lithium ion batteries to create more than 300hp. It runs in complete silence, making its top speed of 162mph and sub five-second 0-62mph time all the more impressive.


The blend of satin and matt paintwork proves how effective contrasting finishes are at accentuating curves