DS Showcases

A world of new sensations

Each DS centre is a world dedicated to elegance, luxury and refinement with a discreet ambience and carefully selected products. Service is precise, attentive and sophisticated. Quality is a given rather than a requirement.

DS Store

DS Stores are fully dedicated DS retailers providing automotive refinement and French-style know-how. The stores are purpose built to present the DS range and associated products and services

Enjoy an Incredibly Realistic Experience

DS Virtual Vision provides an incredibly realistic experience

DS Virtual Vision is one of the most advanced virtual reality systems and operates with a HTC Vive headset. The high quality resolution of images produces a realistic experience that is truly immersive. Enjoy every single detail, from the leather seams, to the personalisation of trim levels and features. Discover DS 7 CROSSBACK as if it was here.

DS Salon

Special local access

Located in Citroën dealerships, these are dedicated DS display areas offering a similar experience to DS stores but on a smaller scale.

DS World Paris

So Parisian!

Just a stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées. Step into the refined world of DS and stimulate your senses.