DS and Sky Arts

January 2016 saw the unveiling of the DS and Sky Arts partnership, a collaboration with the premium TV channel dedicated to bringing you all the best in art and culture.

Sky Arts shines a spotlight on the best in art, culture and music

Sky Arts programmes cover a variety of creative endeavours, with subjects ranging from documentaries on current and classical artists, through to in-depth analysis of artistic disciplines, such as ballet, opera and cinema - as well as celebrations of revered musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.

Why Sky Arts?

The DS and Sky Arts partnership compliments everything the DS brand stands for

The DS brand’s emphasis and celebration of French craftsmanship, refinement and style, makes a Sky Arts partnership a natural fit and reinforces the brand’s avant-garde approach and philosophy. 

A common interest in beauty and innovation

Arnaud Leclerc, DS Brand Development Director in the UK, said; “We seek partnerships with other distinctive brands that reflect the core values of DS Automobiles and, with Sky Arts, we have found just that. We take pride in our artistic flair when designing our cars so, to be able to share our artistic direction through a partnership with similarly creative and discerning individuals, is a wonderful opportunity.”

Phil Edgar Jones, Sky Arts Channel Director said; “At Sky Arts we are always interested in working with the Greats in their field – whether that’s in classical music, opera or ballet, or rock n roll, the visual arts and beyond; and DS, with its truly iconic design, is undoubtedly one of the greats in its field.

“We share a common interest in beauty and innovation – not just in terms of design and aesthetics but in all areas of the arts so it promises to be a wonderful collaboration.”

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