The FIA Formula E Championship is the first ever series to have 100% electric single seaters competing in the biggest cities in the world. It was founded by Jean Todt in 2014 with the aim of promoting sustainable mobility.


For the 2018-2019 season, DS Automobiles is the only FIA-recognised French car manufacturer. The Formula E Championship breaks new ground in this fifth season. From two cars per race, drivers will now only use one single seater for every E-Prix.


The day of an E-Prix usually has the following format:

08 h 00 Free practice 1 (45 mins)
10 h 30 Free practice 2 (30 mins)
12 h 00 Qualifying 
12 h 45 Super Pole
16 h 04 E-Prix starts
17 h 05 Podium ceremony 

Drivers have one car for the entire race. These now last for 45 minutes plus an additional lap after the time limit expires. To count for the championship, an E-Prix must cover at least 60km/37 miles.


The driver who wins the race scores 25 points in the championship, the second 18, the third 15 etc., up to tenth position. The principle is the same for the Championship Teams, three bonus points being awarded for pole position, and only one for the fastest lap in the race.