22 March 2019

From the first sketches of cars that are already well known to completely new work, DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS is relocating to DS WORLD PARIS. During a unique exhibition named “CONFIDENCE - The art of the senses”, DS Automobiles is celebrating the passion and creativity of the artists from DS design.

A young car brand whose designs for DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 3 CROSSBACK are already a benchmark, DS Automobiles has made a mark with its boldness. DS DIVINE, DS E-TENSE and DS X E-TENSE are the results of a creative process in collaboration with DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS.

More than an exhibition, CONFIDENCE is a residency of artists, brought to life by DS Automobiles designers

DS Automobiles design team is opening up to the general public and revealing its secrets to the outside world. Over three floors of DS WORLD PARIS, DS is offering an exploratory journey to the heart of its values, expertise and inspiration. Designers, expert upholsterers and craftspeople share their feelings about their work, in a unique and spontaneous way.


Confidentiality restrictions have been lifted so they can share some secrets. The work of the 60 people who make up the DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS is presented by the different teams: exterior design, interior, ProLab, VLab, modellers, colour and material workshops and upholsterers.

The craftspeople of DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS will be on hand throughout the event to explain their work and answer visitor questions. The brand wants them to share their inspiration and most recent work to cast a new light on the design and build of a car.

A confidence of Thierry Metroz, DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS Director

“DS design is the perfect alchemy between avant-garde technology and the world of hand-made, incredible materials and the expertise of French luxury craftsmanship. It’s a design that is pure and sculptural, for cars with perfect proportions that stand out on the road from the first glance. DS design is also something extra that you feel and discover gradually; a presence that asserts itself forcefully and spreads. This something extra is made up of details painstakingly sculpted, worked, fashioned. We wanted to share our dreams with the people they exist for: our customers. CONFIDENCE The art of the senses epitomises this desire to show how we work completely transparently, between high technology and more traditional craftsmanship. We’ve chosen to lift some confidentiality restrictions for a unique concept. CONFIDENCE The art of the senses isn’t really an exhibition, it’s more an act of sharing and opening up in order to exchange ideas with visitors!”
Thierry Metroz, DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS Director


“CONFIDENCE - The art of the senses” is on from 22 March - 23 April 2019 at DS WORLD PARIS, 33 Rue Francois 1er, Paris.