Join us at DS WORLD PARIS, located on 33 rue François 1er for the exhibition of 'Marilyn, The Last Sitting'. Admission is free.

For Julien Faux, director of DS World Paris, the exhibition is "a way to maintain the legend of this exceptional woman, who was ahead of her time. It is also a great opportunity to combine the timelessness of this icon-driven artist with the avant-garde spirit of the current models of the DS collection".

Proposed by Olivier Lorquin, curator of the exhibition and president of the Maillol museum, and Julien Faux, director of DS WORLD PARIS, "Marilyn, The Last Sitting" takes us back 55 years, placing the visitor at the centre of the special relationship that Marilyn Monroe always maintained with photography and photographers. This final session was done by photographer Bert Stern a month before the death of Marilyn Monroe.

For Hubert Le Gall who worked on the staging of these 59 prints in the DS WORLD PARIS, "sensuality and glamour are the two words that sum up the spirit of this exhibition. Through the choice of materials, the sensual velvet used for the famous Dior dress, the pink powder - fresh as a satin sheet - it is the image of Marilyn Monroe on the skin that in this exhibition charms our eyes and makes us shudder".

"This selection shows the photographers chosen shots after rediscovering his prints years later. The exhibition shows a storyboard journey, "says Olivier Lorquin.

The exhibition will be available to view from Thursday 8th June, 2017 to Saturday, 6th January, 2018 at the DS WORLD PARIS. For Julien Faux, director of the venue, "the cultural activity of DS WORLD PARIS offers a great opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of our DS Brand. A world full of refinement, French know-how, innovation and avant-garde in the image of our cars. The exhibition aims to highlight artists who share the same spirit or embody it. With "Marilyn, The Last Sitting", we celebrate the timelessness of an icon at the forefront of her time.