To mark the arrival of DS 7 CROSSBACK on the automotive scene, DS WORLD PARIS is hosting a new photographic exhibition paying tribute to everyone who played a part in creating this latest model. 

 Through a series of twenty black-and-white shots, the DS brand wants to shine a spotlight on the designers, craftspeople, workers, engineers and other experts who played their part in designing, assembling, testing, and ultimately producing DS 7 CROSSBACK.

Behind the lens, celebrity portrait photographer Eddy Brière from Rayfresh Studio uses his hallmark cinematographic approach to convey the passion the DS Automobiles staff bring to their work every day.

To fully enjoy the DS 7 CROSSBACK experience, visitors take an immersive journey with DS Virtual Vision to discover the many configurations offered. They can even take to the wheel of this new car and get an idea of how high the DS team set the bar when creating this new beacon of French automotive design.

With the DS 7 CROSSBACK campaign in full swing across Europe, and the earliest customers about to take to the road in their DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS WORLD PARIS – the flagship of DS Automobiles – is hosting a residency that showcases the designers of this highly characteristic DS model.

Visitors can wander around the two-storey exhibition, staged around two DS 7 CROSSBACK display models, and admire a portrait series featuring the people who played a part in the ambitious project to bring the first model of the second-generation DS to life. This model fully echoes the ambition of DS: to embody French luxury know-how.

They were photographed going about their work, either in head-to-toe shots or close-ups of their hands, and in their stance you sense their pride, their humility, their keenness, the satisfaction they take in their work, and their stringent standards.