For every DS, the design of its wheels is integral to the overall appearance of your DS. To make it easy for you to preserve those wheels, and the value of your vehicle. DS has partnered up with alloy wheel protection expert AlloyGator™.


The theory behind wheel protectors is simple. A ring of toughened nylon sits on the wheel rim next to the tyre. When the wheel hits a kerb, this ring bears the force of the impact, preventing damage to the wheel.


Alloy wheel protection is a simple concept. Getting it to work in practice is more complicated. Unlike other lower quality products, which rely on adhesive to stick them to the wheel, AlloyGator™ uses bespoke diamond-shaped grips.

The clever locking technology combines with strong stainless-steel clips and glue to guarantee AlloyGator™ protectors grasp their wheel rims securely. This enables them to provide a long-lasting defence against the kind of damage wheels can suffer on a daily basis.


There is a choice of different AlloyGator™ colours, each devised to improve the look of your DS. They range from matt black, graphite and silver, to sky blue and orange and fit wheels from 12 inches to 24 inches diameter.


In addition to enhancing appearance, they are made from incredibly tough blended nylon. This protects against scraping kerbs without looking worn, while UV stabilisers mean extreme weather does not harm them.

Our DS technicians undergo special training from AlloyGator™. This guarentees your wheel protectors are fitted to AlloyGator™ strict guidelines for maximum durability. And our experts’ specialist knowledge allows them to protect all four wheels of your car.


The cost to fit four AlloyGator™ fitted costs £149 including VAT, less than having a seriously damaged wheel repaired. Since launching in 2010, AlloyGator™ has sold one million UK-manufactured wheel protectors to car lovers all over the world. If you want to join them, Make an appointment now.


*Terms and conditions apply. Available at participating Retailers only.