Commandes Spéciales

DS Commandes Spéciales: Bespoke and Unique to you

DS Commandes Spéciales allows you to design a car for you, by you. Customisation is at the heart of our DNA at DS and we have pushed the boundaries to offer you uniquely bespoke models to meet all your customisation wishes.


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, the starting point on your journey is to meet us in your local DS Store in the UK. We'll then organise an appointment with DS World in Paris, the exclusive DS flagship store where you will be able to meet DS Style Director, Thierry Metroz.

From dreams to reality

Customisation and co-creation for all DS models

It all begins with a wish. The wish to have YOUR car, because you are unique, because you have your own style, because you want to indulge yourself…
Once you have defined and shared your wish list, DS craftsmen, painters and upholsterers will do what they do best in order to design and realise your special model exactly and meticulously.

DS 5 Commande Spéciale

Our first order was a DS 5

A stunning metallic paint was specifically created for this DS5 Commande Spéciales, with a bespoke refined interior, made exactly to our clients request. The famous watchstrap leather seat design was reinterpreted with an exceptional finish made of Nappa leather braiding. Ametryne Green velvet (a reference to the colour of the DS E-Tense) was used inside storage spaces, along with the creation of luxurious floor mats, with a unique comfort and thickness.

Meeting and discussion between people that are passionate to make your dream DS a reality

Just like our first Commande Spéciales customer, come and share your wishes with our style director, Thierry Metroz: "You can change the entire atmosphere of your DS, from the seat leather to the exceptional materials of its floor mats."