DS Confidence Assured

DS Confidence Assured is the easy way to ready your DS for months of trouble-free motoring, whatever the weather this winter.

Picking up potential problems

For just £15 (incl. VAT) our expert technicians will check your car’s vital components. The 29-point Vehicle Health Check has been designed to pick up on potential problems early.


This includes:

- Measuring tyre tread depth

- Wear on brake discs and pads

- Ensuring all lights are working

- Testing the battery

- Inspecting beneath the car to examine the exhaust

- Checking the steering and suspension for hard-to-spot pothole and other damage


DS Confidence Assured also features a check of all vital fluids. And if oil, coolant, screenwash or brake and steering fluid need refilling, up to 500ml of each is included. If more is required, we’ll ask for your consent and invoice separately.

DS Confidence Assured

Here’s what is included in the check:


Check External Lights – All – Operation and Security
Check Internal lights – All - Operation
Check Horn
Check Wipers and washers - All
Check Heating Ventilation and AC.

Check Brake Noise / Feel
Check Clutch / transmission operation
Check Engine noise / smoke
Check Glass / Mirrors
Check Seat Belts – Security and operation



Check Fluid Levels – oil / coolant / screenwash (top up and correct level up to 0.5 litre)
Check for Fluid Leaks – oil / water
Check Battery – Condition / Security
Check Drive Belts



Check Brake Fluid Condition / Temperature
Check Master Cylinder / servo
Check Linings – pads / shoes
Check Discs / drums
Check Hoses / pipes / cables / Wheel bearings



Check Exhaust system / catalyst
Check Steering / Suspension
Check Drive shafts / gaitors
Check for Oil Leaks



Check Nearside front (NSF)
Check Offside front (OSF)
Check Nearside rear (NSR)
Check Offside rear (OSR)
Check Tyre Inflation kit
Check Tyre pressures

The best equipment and expertise

Should our technicians discover any faults, they will contact you to explain what the problem is before agreeing to any work. In addition, we only use DS Original Equipment or DS Approved Parts with a 2-year warranty to ensure the best quality and reliability.

That isn’t the only reason why your DS will be better off at a DS Workshop. Our specialist technicians are trained to the highest DS Automobiles standards and have up-to-the-minute equipment and expertise. They can also conduct any important product updates on your DS.

The DS Confidence Assured check provides the reassurance you want that your DS is in the best possible condition for the coming winter months.