Did you know that UK car owners spend hundreds of millions of pounds every year repairing the damage potholes cause to our cars? Suspension, wheels and tyres can all feel the after-effects of hitting a large hole in the road. That’s why we’ve come up with DS Pothole Check. This complimentary inspection has been designed to reassure you that your DS is in the best possible shape – especially after you’ve run over a hole.

Our technical experts know your DS better than anybody. That makes them perfectly placed to examine suspension parts, check wheel alignment and inspect wheels and tyres. They can then replace damaged components using only Original Equipment or approved parts, before you start paying the price with faster wearing tyres or more serious safety problems.


You can book an appointment for DS Pothole Check at www.dsautomobiles.co.uk/services/ds-ownership/book-online alternatively, to make a booking, or if you have any concerns about your car’s safety, please contact your nearest DS Dealer. They can conduct the inspection while you wait. In addition, as you relax in the hospitality area, the DS technicians will be ensuring your car is in the best possible condition.


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