DS Remanufactured Parts

Renewed for You

DS Remanufactured Parts are an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way to keep your DS in perfect condition.


This is DS Original Equipment that has been through a rigorous process to ensure it’s as good as new, resulting in significant financial benefits.

 To ensure DS Remanufactured Parts maintain the high quality you expect, they undergo the following procedure:

 Every DS Remanufactured Part is carefully stripped down to component form
 Specialists systematically clean these components
 A painstaking checking procedure ensures parts are fit for reuse
 Components prone to wear such as gaskets and bearings are renewed
 Where relevant, components and computer software are updated
 Specialists rebuild the parts
 Rebuilt parts are tested thoroughly
 Each DS Remanufactured Part is given a 12 months warranty

The result is a part that has the same quality as the DS Original Equipment your DS would have been fitted with when it was built. That guarantees it fits the car perfectly and functions as expected from engines to manual and automatic gearboxes, alternators and starter motors and many more as per the parts families table below:


Brake Calipers Renovated Clutch Kits Particulate Filters
Air Conditioning Compressors Steering Racks Alternators
Starter Motors Automatic Gearboxes Manual Gearboxes
Diesel Engines Petrol Engines Radiators
Turbos Injector Holders Injector Pumps
Cylinder heads Engine Flywheels Clutch and ADF Pro Kits

DS Remanufactured Parts are priced with up to 40% less than DS Original Equipment.

There are environmental advantages too. DS Remanufactured Parts result in a reduction in components sent to landfill. They also mean fewer raw materials are used. This leads to less manufacturing from scratch which reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Smart thinking and attention to detail combining to benefit our customers and the environment – just like when we design cars.


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