When maintaining your DS, you have a choice over the classification of parts used. 


Genuine DS Parts are the same as those used when crafting your DS in the factory, and are provided with a minimum of 12 months warranty. 


DS Approved Parts* conform to the same high quality standards as Genuine parts, but are offered at a reduced price. They are also provided with a 24-month warranty, for your peace of mind. 


SUSTAINera Parts are Genuine DS Parts that have been recovered from our workshop’s disposals. They have then been reconditioned and rigorously tested to ensure they are as good as new.


Our new range of DS Approved tyres* deliver both the excellent grip levels and durability you would expect from DS. No matter which model you drive, there are DS Approved tyres that can enhance your ownership experience.

Complimentary Tyre Check

Travelling with your DS provides you with a serene experience. You can ensure this is preserved with a complimentary DS Tyre Check. 

Our DS technicians will ensure all your tyres pressures and tread depths are correct, and can assist should you require a replacement. 

Not only will this allow you to continue driving with complete peace of mind, you can also avoid a potential £2500 fine and three penalty points which accompanies each bald or defective tyre. 

Ultimate contentment, with a complimentary DS Tyre Check. 


*At participating retailers. Subject to availability. 



Our tyres comes in a range of sizes designed to fit your DS perfectly, from 14up to 17.


Electric Vehicle Tyres

When choosing tyres for your electric DSyou may wish to consider different factors to a combustion engine vehicle. 

The rolling resistance level will show you how efficient your tyres are. And, with your electric vehicle’s range being impacted by this, new, efficient tyres help to maximise the journey you can undertake on a single charge. Check for the electricity symbol when looking at your new tyre’s information.

Your electric DS also benefits from greatly reduced cabin noise, keeping your journey as refined and peaceful as possible. So, it is important to consider the noise performance of your tyres. Look out for a low db level, and A/B/C noise classification on your new tyre’s information. 


*DS Approved Parts range uses Eurorepar parts and is applicable for DS vehicles that are 30 months and older from point of registration.