3 May 2019

Far from the stage or the film sets where he made his name, Patrick Braoudé is unveiling, in this exclusive exhibition, his talent as a photographer, which he expresses by capturing moments of great intensity.

The artistic blurring that characterises his oeuvres is a reflection of power, speed, energy and movement. The pictorial quality of their bold colours amplifies the dynamism, adrenaline, vibrations and action in play in the pieces.

The general public is invited to come and discover this exceptional artist and let themselves be immersed in the Énergie that his impressionist and abstract photos exude. These are crafted pieces without any digital editing.

Visit the collection until 21 May at DS WORLD PARIS, 33 rue François 1er in Paris’ 8th district. Admission is free. All the artwork is available to buy.



Just days before the Paris E-Prix, where DS TECHEETAH will set the capital alight, DS Automobile will be hosting Patrick Braoudé’s Énergie exhibition. In particular, visitors can discover stills of the single-seater DS E-TENSE FE 19, taken in the heat of the action. These striking images give way to the power, speed, energy and elusive quality of its movement. The other sports grounds that the photographer is so fond of – rugby and football stadia or any other sport where there is movement – complete the collection with strength, grace, adrenaline and vibrations. Patrick Braoudé goes that extra mile to snatch that infinitesimal moment at the heart of the action and immortalise it in his own unique style.

The artistic blurring that characterises his oeuvres and the pictorial aspect of the bold colours create the illusion of impressionist and abstract canvases. The key feature of his work is that the effect achieved as the shutter closes is authentically conveyed, without any digital editing.

« My aim is to harness the extreme intensity of the action »

"Photography is a hobby that I have been developing since adolescence and which I continued through film-making where framing is part of creating the film. As a fan of rugby, football, fencing and – more recently – Formula 1 and Formula E, my fascination with movement in sport now leads me want to capture certain movements and certain vibrations.

My aim is to harness the extreme intensity of the action and freeze in time that all-important nano-second. My technique for stylising this movement is to use an intentional motion blur on the camera combined with the kinematic blur from the subject in motion. Today, I’m pleased to be introducing new large-scale photo formats and happy that it is at DS Automobiles. I admire the boldness and creativity of this brand, and also its energy.”


Patrick Braoudé, photographer