DS Automobiles has partnered with the most iconic of Parisian restaurants
Paris, September 18th 2023

Opened in 1582, with an incredible view of the Seine and the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the Tour d'Argent has become an iconic place for culinary art in the heart of the French capital.


Artists, writers and heads of state take turns to taste the world famous Tour d'Argent duck, whose recipe was standardised in 1890 and which is produced in front of the guests following a service ritual that the restaurant is renowned for. The establishment’s legendary cellar of nearly 300,000 bottles is also recognised as one of the most prestigious in the world. This unique experience is part of French gastronomic history.

Classified Three-Star by the Michelin Guide for the first time in 1933, the Tour d'Argent is reopening after more than a year of work, led by architect Franklin Azzi. Chef Yannick Franques refines classic recipes from the Tour d'Argent’s culinary heritage that make the restaurant so renowned while also offering new dishes.


On the fifth floor of the Tour, a new Apartment designed with the best French craft workshops encourages you to share in the history of the place, consisting of hospitality, quality and friendliness. Inspired by the taste of travel and refinement, this guest Apartment offers a Parisian lifestyle experience that begins with arriving in DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250, whose Midnight Blue colour is complemented by the "TOUR D'ARGENT" signature and the establishment’s coat of arms.

DS 9 represents the French art of travel, an expression of the experience of a national art of living that is spreading around the world. The interior, epitomising elegance and comfort, with its seats in Black Basalt Nappa Leather watchstrap upholstery, heated, massaging and ventilated, equipped with a central armrest and special Lounge headrests, represents exceptional expertise developed by the DS Automobiles master upholsterers. Comfort is sacrosanct, with among other things, an acoustic ambience taken to a new level with a special treatment designed to suppress exterior noise and camera-controlled suspension that reads imperfections in the road surface.

« Being associated with the rebirth of the Tour d'Argent, the oldest restaurant in Paris, symbolic of gastronomy and a hotspot for French expertise, is a source of pride for DS Automobiles. Together, we are contributing - each in our respective fields - to the influence of the French art of living throughout the world. »


Olivier François, CEO of DS Automobiles