New DS 7

Refinement is a journey

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E-TENSE Plug-in Hybrid – 225 to 360hp with 4-wheel drive.

BlueHDi – 130hp


Length: 4.59 metres

Width: 1.90 metres

Height: 1.63 metres


Up to 40 miles  (combined cycle - AER combined)

Up to 50 miles (city cycle - EAER city)

Alluring A charismatic new design

Discover New DS 7, a sophisticated SUV that charms with its elegant and dynamic lines. 

Discover new DS 7

We will help you to choose the New DS 7 that's best for you.

Elegant & Dynamic A powerful design

This modern SUV combines technical excellence and remarkable comfort so you can rediscover the joy of driving. Inside, advanced technology and attention to detail make this new model a tribute to the art of travel and the French craftsmanship of DS Automobiles.

Power units available on New DS 7


E-TENSE 4x4 360

E-TENSE 4x4 300



BlueHDi 130 Automatic

Exterior design

Blending a dynamic profile, depth of character and a redesigned front end, New DS 7 has been reinvented with intensity and flair. At the rear, the new scale-effect lights fit perfectly with its lines, seamlessly complementing the new front light signature to give a look that's powerful and striking.  

An exciting new look

Enhanced by DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 and DS LIGHT VEIL, New DS 7’s light signature gives it a sharp, unforgettable look. Our new high-tech headlamps combined with a new front grille emphasise the vehicle's elegance.

new DS 7 light signature

Pure and dynamic lines

With its sophisticated characteristics and razor sharp lines, New DS 7 has unique proportions that perfectly combine to convey power, purity and elegance.

new DS 7 design

New scale-effect lights

The full LED scale-effect rear lights emphasise New DS 7’s fresh light signature making it so unique and recognisable on each trip.

New DS 7 full LED rear lights

Interior Design Distinguished expertise makes your life more comfortable

Take advantage of remarkable space and a bespoke interior. The sophistication of our materials, the meticulous attention to detail and a high tech cockpit contribute to your wellbeing and the first-class comfort during every trip you make.

360° Interior view
OPERA Basalt Black Interior
OPERA Pearl Grey Interior
Basalt Black leather Interior
Deep Black Alcatara® Interior
Bronze cloth Interior

Interiors cloaked in Nappa leather

Elegant to the last detail, New DS 7’s interior features sophisticated finishes and premium materials such as Pearl Grey or Basalt Black Nappa leather upholstery. Succumb to luxury and the touch of high-quality materials, designed in the pure craftsman’s tradition.

Watchstrap leather upholstery

Our saddlers have enhanced New DS 7’s interior with Nappa leather, a precious full-grain leather. The exclusive "watchstrap" upholstery gracefully emphasises the strong link between DS Automobiles and French craftsmanship.

Pearl stitching

A highly sophisticated detail in the shape of a pearl that’s replicated on the seams of our Nappa leathers, Pearl Stitching came straight from the imagination of our upholsterers. Elegant and delicate, this nod to high fashion is a unique signature for DS Automobiles.

B.R.M R180 timepiece

Conceived in partnership with B.R.M Chronographes, the B.R.M R180 timepiece majestically appears from its enclosure on the dashboard when the car is started. With hands that automatically move to the right time, it combines technology with elegant design.

Full grain leather steering wheel

Make driving even more comfortable and feel the soft leather that covers New DS 7's steering wheel. Fashioned by craftsmen, this elegant full grain leather is enhanced by satin chrome inserts that give the cockpit a distinguished design.

"Clous de Paris" embossed inserts

To embelish the controls of New DS 7, our craftsmen were inspired by fine watchmaking with "Clous de Paris" embossed inserts. This finish, as artistic as it is high tech, is performed by the pyramid-shaped heads of small nails gracefully criss-crossing. 

Connected travel A state-of-the-art digital experience

New DS 7 connected cockpit

Connected Cockpit

For DS 7 we developed a cockpit that’s immersive and steadfastly high tech. With its 12.3 inch digital instrument panel and its large 12 inch HD central screen, you’ll enjoy better readability for greater comfort and be able to access all essential information in a few taps.

DS IRIS SYSTEM technology

DS IRIS SYSTEM is our new information ecosystem that’s intuitive, ergonomic and can be completely personalised. It includes a personal assistant with a touch screen interface and voice recognition, so it does what you want, when you want.

Inside New DS 7, enjoy a unique audio experience by taking advantage of its FOCAL Electra ® Sound System*. The audio system consists of 14 speakers, including a subwoofer and an amplifier with a total power of 515 Watts for an exceptionally immersive sound.


*Available as an optional extra.

HiFi System FOCAL Electra audio system

E-TENSE Dynamic serenity with E-TENSE

With its plug-in hybrid power units ranging up to 360 horsepower (With 4-wheel drive), New DS 7 brings together comfort and efficiency and guarantees you have a smooth and enjoyable drive for journeys with a premium feel. 



40 miles (combined cycle - AER combined)

50 miles (city cycle - EAER city)


Approximately 2 hours to charge to 100%

(using a 7.4 kW charging station)


Internal combustion engine + electric engines(s)

165kW / 225hp

221kW / 300hp

264kW / 360hp

E-TENSE 4x4 360 High performance hybrid

Savoir-faire expert

With a wealth of experience from our participation in Formula E and success with two double championship titles, the DS PERFORMANCE engineers have built technology into New DS 7's E-TENSE power unit that's straight from motor racing, such a regenerative braking.

With the E-TENSE 4x4 360 power unit, New DS 7 uses a special drivetrain, suspension and rear axle, developed with the expertise of DS Performance engineers.

New DS 7 E-TENSE 4x4 360
New DS 7 4 wheel drive transmission

The power of a 4-wheel drive transmission

When SPORT mode is activated, the combined force of two electric motors and a petrol engine give New DS 7 unbelievable power, enabling it to produce 360 horsepower and 520Nm of torque, all while maintaining great flexibility for driving.

New DS 7 E-TENSE 4x4 360
La Première
launch edition

- 360 horsepower 4-wheel drive plug-in hybrid power unit

- Seats in watchstrap design Nappa leather upholstery

- Special balck trim

- 21 inch BROOKLYN alloy wheels

- Panoramic sunroof

E-TENSE technology

Drive with complete freedom

Regenerative braking

E-SAVE function

Drive modes

regenerative brakingVIEW MORE
Regenerative braking
Decide how you use electric modeVIEW MORE
E-SAVE function
Choose your drive modeVIEW MORE

The benefits of E-TENSE plug-in hybrid technology

Emissions and consumption

With three power units available from 225 horsepower to 4-wheel drive versions with 300 and 360 horsepower, our E-TENSE models have emissions of up to 49g/km CO₂ (subject to homologation).

Silent and comfortable driving

Enjoy the silence inside during start-up or in Electric mode. A feeling of tranquillity amplified by the laminated glass. New DS 7 E-TENSE plug-in hybrid provides you with a driving experience that’s tranquil while also flexible.

Two 4-wheel drive versions

With a choice of two power units (E-TENSE 4x4 300 and E-TENSE 4x4 360) each coupled to an 8-speed automatic gearbox, New DS 7 E-TENSE gives you exceptional driving performance.

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