DS Assistance is the total support package for you and your DS covering all powertrains:

Petrol, Diesel, Electric or Hybrid.

We understand that no two emergencies are the same so DS Assistance will tailor a response to your requirements. Whether it’s a road accident, technical trouble or something as common as a flat tyre, we’ve got it covered.

Our experts have been trained to assess your situation accurately then respond rapidly to guarantee you have a safe and hassle-free onward journey.




Period of Complimentary Cover:

Petrol & Diesel
All new DS’s are automatically covered for 3 years starting from the date of registration

Electric & Plug-in Hybrid 

Electrified DS's are further covered for a total of 8 years or 100,000 miles (whichever occurs first) starting from the date of registration.


If you sell your vehicle within the period of cover, the new owner can take advantage of any unexpired free DS Assistance cover.

PLEASE CALL 0800 877 8455 (Option 6)

Your DS deserves to look as new as the day it was created

 If your DS has been damaged in an accident, you can have it repaired at an Authorised Repair Centre




 Breakdown assistance and recovery
 Accident support
 Assistance with non-vehicle related faults (eg. flat tyres)
 Courtesy car
 Onward travel covered

PLEASE CALL 0800 877 8455 (Option 6)

With DS Assistance, you’re never on your own. We will rescue you if your DS suffers a mechanical fault or any technical trouble covered under DS Warranty. And we will help with non-vehicle faults, including: 

● Filling your car with the incorrect fuel (misfuelling)
● Running out of fuel
● Punctures
● Wheel changes
● Lost or stolen keys
● Keys locked in the vehicle
● Road traffic accidents



At DS, we are beyond grateful for the outstanding service our NHS workers have been delivering. So, as a thank you, for any NHS Staff driving a DS, we will provide reassurance with DS Assistance whenever you need it without charge. 

- Complimentary to all NHS staff driving a DS of any age and model.  

- In the unlikely event, if your DS breaks down, we will bring our Roadside Assistance service to you. 

- Includes recovery to a DS Workshop or Independent Motor Trader of your choice. 

Call DS Roadside Assistance on 0800 877 8455 (Option 6)and quote ‘NHS Key Worker’. 

Please have to hand the following details 

- The vehicle’s make, model and registration number 

- The exact location of the vehicle – the road you are on or the nearest road junction 

- The number of the phone you are using 

- The cause of the breakdown, if you know it 

- Your NHS Care Identity Number (Smart Card) or Trust ID Badge. 

NHS Promotion Terms and Conditions 

1.If your vehicle breaks down at the roadside more than ¼ mile from home and is immobilised, we will send out Roadside Assistance to get you back on the road. This may be a permanent repair or temporary solution to keep the vehicle mobiles until a permanent repair can be performed. 

2.If we are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside, a suitable recovery will be arranged for the vehicle to be taken to the nearest DS Workshop or Independent Motor Trader of your choice up to a distance of 10 miles from the breakdown location. 

3.If your vehicle is recovered, we will offer a taxi journey for you and your passengers to continue your journey to a single destination up to 20 miles away. 

4.Valid for all NHS driving a DS car upon receipt, at the roadside or home, of their current NHS Care Identity Number (Smart Card) or Trust ID Badge to prove their eligibility.