7 June 2019

There are some cars that even professional photographers struggle to make the camera love. DS 7 CROSSBACK isn’t among them. Car photographers claim DS 7 CROSSBACK is an easy car to make look good in pictures with its striking DS LED VISION headlights, chic silhouette and the three-dimensional appearance of the rear lights. To find out just how photogenic DS 7 CROSSBACK really is, we lent a Prestige model to photographer Stephen Fisher for a long weekend.

DS 7 front end

DS 7 front end

Nearing the end of his three-year degree in photography at the University of Central Lancashire, Stephen took DS 7 CROSSBACK to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. “I love the brand – I own a DS 3 – and I thought shooting in the dramatic scenery on Skye would make a great addition to my portfolio,” he explains.

Stephen is planning a future career in car photography and although still a student he has plenty of experience of shooting cars. “With some cars you can’t find a lens to make them look good, they just distort,” he reveals.


“Although DS 7 CROSSBACK has a very distinctive shape it looks good from every angle. I particularly like the rear lights and the way the chrome strip around the rear window line finishes in a point.”

By taking the car to Skye in early March, Stephen plus two friends who were acting as assistants enjoyed winding roads free from traffic. With breath-taking views a given on the largest of Scotland’s inner Hebridean islands, the result is a stunning set of photographs.


But it wasn’t just the ease with which he could make DS 7 CROSSBACK look good that impressed Stephen. He says: “To get these shots we had to drive for nine hours from Manchester to the Isle of Skye. It really didn’t feel like we were on the road for nine hours: it’s such an effortless car to drive and spend time in.

DS 7 CROSSBACK in front of mountain

“The interior is supremely luxurious. I love how adjustable the driving position is and the massage function on the front seats is fantastic. Outside, the grille at the front looks superb. You can tell from first glance that this is a luxury car.”


Stephen wasn’t the only one to be impressed with DS 7 CROSSBACK and its features. He also stopped at Misty Isle boat trips on Skye where skipper Seumas Mackinnon tried the car for size. Stephen reveals: “He owns an Audi A7 and wanted to know all about this car. After he had sat in it, he complained that his car didn’t have all the gadgets that DS 7 CROSSBACK has. It isn’t just good looking; it seems it’s well equipped too!”


♦ Photograph the car from high up or down low; avoid taking photographs from eye level

♦ Pick out the car’s unique features. One such element on DS 7 CROSSBACK is the rear lights that look as if they’re alive

♦ Be willing to get up at 5am to catch the morning sunrise and be prepared to wait for sunset. Most of my photographs are taken at these golden hours

♦ Try not to get your reflection in the car or shoot the car with anything that will take the viewer’s eye from it, such as an orange traffic cone

♦ Photograph people using the car: cars need people and people need cars.

DS 7 crossback driving on mountain road

It’s not accidental that DS 7 CROSSBACK is an easy car to photograph. Our designers pay attention to the smallest details, crafting a shape that is pleasing to the eye and stands apart from any other SUV on the road. DS 7 CROSSBACK is the physical embodiment of our spirit of avant-garde.