Explore through a new lens

Our partnership with Red is formed around a shared passion for style, quality and innovation.


It echoes DS Automobiles’ philosophy to employ French fashion houses as inspiration for the interiors of our cars. It sees us using the latest technology to make driving easy. And we’re putting the environment and our customers at the forefront of everything we do.


This desire to do things differently has led to our connection with Red. Together we’ve created a panel of mentors who share our spirit with a desire to explore life through a new lens.

woman sat on sofa

They are women who relish challenging expectations and pioneering change as much as we do. Join us for the ride and we’ll bring you:


• Regular exclusive features on fashion, careers, health and wellbeing

• How DS Automobiles and our cars are transforming motoring
• Special competitions with select prizes


Jasmine Hemsley – chef, author and wellness expert

Anna Mason – fashion designer focusing on sustainable style

Alice Olins – author and career coach


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