DS Automobiles has been a patron of the Louvre since 2015 and is supporting the museum's "François I and Dutch Art" exhibition, which opens to the public today.

This unique retrospective, a highlight of the museum's autumn programme, focuses on a part of French art history that has been forgotten. The exhibition is also a celebration of King François I, a great patron in his time, who supported the arts throughout his reign. It returns artists who are often unfairly sidelined to their rightful place. François I symbolises the influence of the French Renaissance, with his open, worldly attitude that attracted him simultaneously to the prestige of Italy and the innovations of Dutch artists.

Remarkable artists, a bold king ahead of his time, the Louvre and its iconic Pyramid, all imbued with the avant-garde spirit that the DS Brand shares for this must-see exhibition open until 15 January 2018.

"François I and Dutch art" tops the list of Paris's unmissable exhibitions. This exhibition, at the Louvre until 15 January 2018, is a unique retrospective of works by Dutch artists, whose exceptional talent drew keen interest from King François I and his contemporaries.


Jean Clouet, Corneille de La Haye also known as Corneille de Lyon, Godefroy le Batave, Noël Bellemare, Grégoire Guérard, Bartholomeus Pons … so many names fallen into oblivion, which the Louvre is reminding us of five hundred years later. A journey back through time, this exhibition takes visitors to the 16th century, showcasing the talent of these artists, who shone through with techniques such as illumination, painting, stained glass, tapestry and sculpture. This is a tribute to their superlative know-how and to these works' timeless beauty.


"King François I's openness and innate knowledge of the arts allowed him to uncover these artists, who marked their period. Today, It's only natural for us to support this new exhibition highlighting their talent, their acute sense of detail and their command of techniques. Such qualities as expertise and attention to detail, refinement and creativity, elegance and boldness suffuse the DS Brand", stated DS Automobiles CEO Yves Bonnefont.