All-New DS 4 Combines Bold Design and Innovative Technology with Plug-In Hybrid Efficiency

2nd December, 2020

DS Automobiles has revealed first details of the all-new DS 4: a new premium C-Segment vehicle that combines French luxury expertise and augmented technology encapsulated in a daring new design. Created for customers who want style, purity, intuitive technology and driving enjoyment, the all-new DS 4 will go on sale in 2021.

Built on a new version of the EMP2 platform, the DS 4 combines four key pillars that will underpin all future DS models: electrification, connectivity, dynamic serenity and the next-generation DS light signature. 

Striking new design and performance

The all-new DS 4 is the first DS Automobiles vehicle built on a new version of the EMP2 platform. The platform not only supports a variety of powertrains, but has been developed for improved aerodynamic performance, with an athletic stance and enhanced driving dynamics thanks to completely redesigned suspension and steering components.

Architecture & Weight Reduction

Thanks to the new version of the EMP2 platform, the all-new DS 4 has a body-to-wheel ratio that is completely unique in the premium C-Segment and achieves a silhouette that is both athletic and aerodynamically efficient.

The EMP2 platform has been designed to optimise interior space for improved driving comfort. With safety a priority for DS Automobiles, the new EMP2 also meets the latest and strictest regulatory and consumer impact standards. 

It sees the introduction of new components made from composite materials, hot-pressed structural parts and more compact elements such as the air conditioning unit, freeing up more storage space elsewhere.

Dynamic Serenity

The new version of the EMP2 platform expands on DS Automobile’s concept of dynamic serenity. Using the latest technical solutions, and featuring all new suspension and steering components, the platform guarantees to set a benchmark for driving comfort. The body rigidity of the vehicle provides exceptional responsiveness for heightened driving dynamics.

E-TENSE Plug-in Hybrid Technology

The EMP2 platform was evolved to accommodate the next generation of plug-in hybrid drivetrains, with no compromise on interior space. The all-new DS 4 E-TENSE is available with a 180 hp four-cylinder petrol engine that is paired to a 110 hp electric motor for a combined 225 hp. The all-new DS 4 is capable of more than 30 miles in zero-emissions mode – making it ideal for both urban and rural areas.

Connectivity and next-generation digital interior

The all-new DS 4 has been designed so drivers no longer have to take their eyes off the road, providing an indisputable safety benefit. The new DS EXTENDED HEAD UP DISPLAY is the first step towards augmented reality. With new immersive technology, driving information such as vehicle speed, navigation instructions, warning messages or driving aid information appear as if projected directly onto the road ahead. Using an optical illusion, data is displayed four metres beyond the windscreen for ease of view. The technology is a first for the segment.


Sensory and experiential technology is part of a wider offering, at the heart of a completely re-imagined infotainment system, the DS IRIS SYSTEM.

The new interface takes the usability of a smartphone with a tactile, seamless and responsive interface based around the idea of profiles that can be completely personalised. The display and driver settings load automatically when entering the car and the personalisation allows different drivers to adjust the content to suit their personal preferences.

The DS IRIS SYSTEM can be controlled by voice and gesture. As an avant-garde manufacturer, DS Automobiles went beyond the automotive sector to find a partner capable of offering drivers and passengers the best natural language voice recognition solution.

For gestures, DS SMART TOUCH technology is available via a screen on the centre console, which drivers and passengers can control with their fingertips – gesturing towards one of the pre-entered functions is all that’s required. The innovative eight-inch screen can also identify normal movements to zoom in and out, and features handwriting recognition.

To ensure the system and its mapping are always operating at the highest level, software updates will be delivered automatically and instantly via the cloud.


An innovative ventilation system has also been developed with compact vents, positioned high up and fitted with invisible vanes. The principle behind DS AIR is to control the direction of the air flow using a cone, providing the best possible ventilation both in an upwards and downwards motion. The design is discreet and in-keeping with the high-end feel of the all-new DS 4 interior.

Comfort and Dynamic Serenity

The all-new DS 4 is available with DS Automobiles’ latest, Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology: DS DRIVE ASSIST 2.0 and is the highest level that’s allowed on the road at the moment.

DS DRIVE ASSIST 2.0 is based around the extensive use of sensor technology, including front radar technology and sensors placed at each corner of the car, while a camera is positioned at the top of the windscreen. This helps the all-new DS 4 position itself between lanes, conduct semi-autonomous overtakes and use artificial intelligence to slow the vehicle down when cornering and even adjust to speed limit changes by reading road signs.


DS Automobiles aims to deliver dynamic serenity for its drivers and passengers. With DS 4, this translates into class leading responsiveness. One of the innovative features of the all-new DS 4 is DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, which is another first for the segment.

Using the camera positioned at the top of the windscreen, the technology scans the road surface ahead and transmits data to a state-of-the-art electronic control module. Using this information, the car can automatically adjusts the suspension and damping to suit the road ahead, improving comfort and resulting in a more dynamic driving experience.


DS NIGHT VISION is another technology that enables the all-new DS 4 to stand out from the competition. An infrared camera located in the grille spots pedestrians and animals up to 200 metres beyond the headlight scope at night and in poor light conditions. The footage is displayed to the driver in the digital instrument display, with warnings shown on the road as part of the DS EXTENDED HEAD UP DISPLAY, improving safety for both drivers, passengers and other road users.

DS light signature

The all-new DS 4 features a new generation of ultra-modern slim-line DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights. The DS Matrix Beam and Dynamic Bending Light technology have been combined to provide a distinctive and unique identity with powerful illumination.

The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights are made up of three LED modules, which form the DS Automobiles signature. The inner module of the headlight is used for the dipped function, while the rotating central module can turn by up to 33.5 degrees. The central module illuminates the sides of the road and follows the driver’s line of sight when negotiating corners. The system also adapts to traffic conditions, the angle of the steering wheel, speed and weather conditions using five pre-set modes: Town, Country, Motorway, Poor Weather and Fog.

The outer Matrix Beam is split into 15 individual segments which turn on and off independently, depending on the driving conditions – again using five pre-set modes: City, Country, Motorway, Poor Weather and Fog. Using the camera located in the top part of the windscreen, the all-new DS 4 adapts the light beam automatically to suit both road and traffic conditions with a reach of up to 300 metres. This allows for constant use of main beams without dazzling other road users.

The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights are complemented by extended daytime running lights made up of 98 LEDs. The daytime running lights have a distinctive vertical light signature as well as providing a visual ‘welcome’  when the doors are unlocked.

The all-news DS 4 will go on sale in late 2021, to find out more and register your interest visit: