DS Automobiles Launch Web Series That Goes Behind-The-Scenes Creating a Car within the DS Design Studio Paris

8 April 2020

DS Automobiles shows behind-the-scenes content to show how its team creates cars with two web series from inside the DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS.

After ‘CONFIDENCE - The art of the senses’ which revealed the secrets of DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS to the world, the Brand is continuing to open up with two unique web series created during the period of lockdown.

The first video series highlights 15 people involved in the process of conceiving, developing and marketing a product. These experts filmed themselves to explain their role and the challenge posed during this unprecedented period. From outlining products to customer views, via design, engineering, build and sales, the DS Experts reveal their work in short videos shown on the DS Automobiles social media channels.

A second series of videos, called Did you know?, gives anyone interested the chance to find out more detail on little-known facts about products and services from DS Automobiles.

The first content is now online on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

Watch the video here:


“Like the rest of the population, we are facing new challenges and we had the idea to share this moment in time with our followers on social media. These videos enable anyone who’s interested to find out the numerous elements that make up the creation and marketing of a car. In addition to their work, the men and women from DS Automobiles took a great deal of pleasure from sharing their daily life. It’s a new way of showing that we are in touch with our customers.”
Bastien Schupp, Director of Marketing and Communication, DS Automobiles