Our sporting division


Showcase of our technological know-how

DS Performance was developed through the motorsport division of  DS Automobiles, a team of technical experts dedicated to the pursuit of sporting excellence and balanced refinement.

The motorsport division of the DS brand

DS Automobiles, famous for its avant-garde thinking, will be the only French manufacturer taking part in next season’s Formula E series, with its DS Performance arm. Competing since the second year of the championship, the brand has already enjoyed plenty of success and hopes to give its fans even more with DS E-TENSE FE 19.


Developed around a second-generation chassis, the new DS Performance single seater doesn’t only want to stand out through its matt black and gold livery, but also with its extreme speed and energy efficiency thanks to the work conducted by the DS Performance engineers.


Pushing the limits of tomorrow’s technology, developing higher performance electric cars, and testing our innovations on track; that’s the mission for DS Performance, the motorsport division of our brand.

In this video get right to the heart of DS Performance and watch our team at work in Spain during initial testing of the new DS E-TENSE FE 19 Formula E car.

From the circuit to the road

Racing in the heart of cities without generating pollution is a great way for us to meet you and offer you the best on the track as well as on our cars. Participating in the FIA ​​Formula E Championship allows us to refine new technologies for our hybrid and electric vehicles. This was particularly the case for DS 7 CROSSBACK our new generation SUV which will be the first to be equipped with the E-TENSE 4x4 engine, the hybrid according to DS.


From dream to reality


First appearing at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, DS E-Tense instantly captivated the public. Taking advantage of it's perfectly balanced measurements (4.72 m long, 2.08 m wide and 1.29 m high), DS E-Tense is not just a concept car, It represents much more. It visually presents the stylistic and technological future of the brand. DS E-Tense has already been driven at the E-Prix Paris and Monaco, but it has also been driven on several other occasions upon the open road.


Distinctive and dynamic cars that combine efficiency and comfort, ease of driving and intense pleasure

Delivering 208 hp (torque of 300 Nm) and equipped with a 6-speed MCM box with specific staggering, DS 3 PERFORMANCE further illustrates the brand's know-how in the field of refinement.


Are you looking for dynamic elegance? You will appreciate the PERFORMANCE LINE range which adopts a distinctive elegance


Xavier Mestelan Pinon (above): 47 years old, French, Director of DS Performance

Thomas Chevaucher (below): 37 years old, French, Technical Director 

Claire Magnant (above): 34 years old, French, Program Manager 

Didier Raso (below): 41 years old, French, Systems and Power Electronics Manager

Adrien Da Cunha Belvès (above): 33 years old, French, Communication and Activation Manager 



DS Automobiles, which has been competing in the FIA Formula E Championship since it opened to manufacturers, will field its new DS E-TENSE FE 19 single seater in partnership with the TECHEETAH team starting in the 2018/19 season.



The DS brand's long-time partner Total is also joining us in Formula E.
The DS E-TENSE FE 19 benefits from transmission lubricant that’s tailor made by Total engineers at the Solaize Research Centre (CReS) near Lyon. This product enables the transmission's efficiency to be optimised and thus lowers the car’s consumption of electricity.