From 31 January to 4 February 2018, DS 7 CROSSBACK will be presented at the 33rd annual International Automobile Festival in Paris. Presidential DS 7 CROSSBACK will be showcased, a remarkable car specially designed for the inauguration of the 25th President of France, Emmanuel Macron. This model is a standard-bearer for the excellence of French savoir-faire. Alongside the presidential model, other DS 7 CROSSBACK models will be presented and offered for test drives on the streets of Paris. Visitors can choose to drive either DS 7 CROSSBACK with DS Opéra Inspiration or DS 7 CROSSBACK with DS Performance Line Inspiration.

For its 33rd edition, Festival Automobile International will yet again be held at the prestigious Hôtel des Invalides, in the heart of Paris, from 31 January to 4 February 2018. It’s an exceptional, historic setting for the Automotive Fashion Week, which will bring together a series of exceptional cars, a real treat for all: fans of beautiful cars, amateurs and aesthetes, young and old. Visitors will have the opportunity to check out and admire Presidential DS 7 CROSSBACK, a unique model that is a standard-bearer for the excellence of French savoir-faire, a subject close to the heart of DS Automobiles.

They will also have the chance to get inside DS 7 CROSSBACK and check out the DS Inspiration Performance Line and DS Opéra. As part of an exclusive test drive experience on the streets of Paris, visitors will even have the chance to try out this new SUV. This short time will allow them to evaluate for themselves the high standards set by the designers, creators, experts, workers, and engineers from DS in creating this first vehicle for the second generation of DS. It’s a generation of global, refined, high-tech models.

Presidential DS 7 CROSSBACK is honouring the tradition of the DS and SM cars used by the presidents of France's Fifth Republic. DS 7 CROSSBACK, a unique car designed especially for the inauguration of the 25th French president, made its first official appearance on 14 May 2017 with Emmanuel Macron inside.
The Ink Blue Presidential DS 7 CROSSBACK sports exclusive trim with its specially commissioned open-top roof, and its distinguishing features such as the "French Republic" signatures on its sides and flag-holder.
The black "Art Leather" interior is enhanced by "Toile de Laque" upholstery designed and produced by Atelier Maury a renowned Parisian gilder. Subtle, delicate golden accents add a decorative touch to the side mirror covers and 20-inch wheels.
Presidential DS 7 CROSSBACK is also equipped with all of the high-tech features offered in the standard model.

DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first in second generation of DS models, a vehicle of charismatic design featuring advanced technologies, refinement in every detail and a level of comfort conveying a sense of serenity and performance. DS 7 CROSSBACK reflects the ambition of the brand, to embody, in the automotive industry, the excellence of French innovation and luxury savoir-faire.
With its powerful, sensual lines, 20-inch wheels and long, ribbed bonnet, DS 7 CROSSBACK has all the qualities of an SUV. The stylish, vertical front end fully expresses the nobility, performance and charisma of this vehicle.
The light signatures, a key feature in DS avant-garde styling, are directly inspired by the lights on DS E-TENSE, the brand’s latest concept car. The DS ACTIVE LED VISION headlights include LED modules sculpted to resemble jewels for a magical and efficient effect. At the rear, the two one-piece lights make up another distinctive feature, with a layer of luminous scales creating a unique effect of depth.
The contemporary, chic interior of DS 7 CROSSBACK meets the tastes and desires of all people with the choice of five different styles: four Inspirations with names that celebrate Paris, the birthplace of the DS brand—DS Bastille, DS Rivoli, DS Opéra, and DS Faubourg—and the sporty DS Inspiration Performance Line. Respecting a tradition of craftsmanship, each detail, each premium material featured by the Inspirations was carefully selected and crafted to create a unique ambience.
DS 7 CROSSBACK allies unique design lines with cutting-edge technologies. It features a range of class-exclusive innovations such as: DS CONNECTED PILOT, paving the way for autonomous driving, DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, the 21st century suspension system by DS, and DS NIGHT VISION, providing exceptional visibility on the road by night.