PRECISION B.R.M Chronographes & DS Automobiles

Our teams work with the French watchmaker B.R.M Chronographes to fit exclusive timepieces to our interiors, combining sophistication with daring creativity and requiring the best possible expertise.

Elegance, performance and creative complexity

Founded in 2003 by Bernard Richards, who is passionate about mechanical precision, B.R.M Chronographes only makes uniquely innovative pieces that are finished entirely by hand and can be personalised as desired. The exclusive timepieces designed by the French watchmaker for DS Automobiles make each car an expression of style with a strong personality and cutting edge design.

B.R.M R180, a distillation of design and expertise

Created exclusively to adorn the dashboard of DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 9, the B.R.M R180 timepiece emerges in splendour from its case the moment your car starts. Clever technology hides behind its sophisticated appearance, as it automatically moves to the correct time depending on the seasons and where you’re travelling. Enjoy the elegance of this unique timepiece.