DS 9
DS 9
The power of elegance

From £56,000 “On The Road” M.R.R.P​*

Or, £940 rental per month on Personal Contract Hire​

Initial rental of £5,640. T’s & C’s apply**.​

225 to 360 hp

42-51 miles


2hr 25 mins

CHARGING to 100%

(Accelerated charging via a 7.4kW wallbox)

225 to 360 hp

29-46 miles


1hr 45mins

CHARGING to 100%

(Accelerated charging via a 7.4kW wallbox)

Exterior design: a jewel of sophistication

Equipped with E-TENSE plug-in hybrid power, our new saloon has been created to offer technical excellence, incredible comfort and unparalleled sophistication.



On its bonnet, our saloon sports a sabre in “Clous de Paris” embossed metal; a finish that’s both artistic and technical, inspired by fine watch making.
On the outside, you’ll be amazed by the magic of flush fitting door handles which fold out when you approach and retract as you walk away.
Symbolic of the DS Automobiles brand, DS ACTIVE LED VISION switches on and comes alive as soon as the car is unlocked, along with 3D Full LED rear lights emphasising the power of our saloon’s attraction. 

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Exterior design: a jewel of sophistication
Symbolic of French savoir-faire, DS 9 is available for order at your retailer. Designed with E-TENSE hybrid power, our new saloon has been created to offer technical excellence, incredible comfort and unparalleled sophistication.
Exterior design: a jewel of sophistication
Symbolic of French savoir-faire, DS 9 is available for order at your retailer. Designed with E-TENSE hybrid power, our new saloon has been created to offer technical excellence, incredible comfort and unparalleled sophistication.
The unique excellence of French savoir-faire
The unique excellence of French savoir-faire
Interior design: the epitome of elegance 
DS 9 has been designed so that each occupant enjoys the same high levels of comfort. In the front, as in the rear, the seats are heated, ventilated and massaging. The Alcantara© lining of the roof emphasises the feeling of tranquility.
Ultimate Luxury
The ultimate expression of our best expertise, the OPÉRA interior is adorned with the finest of materials, Nappa leather, which covers the entire dashboard, the centre console and the iconic watchstrap upholstery seats. This exclusive signature also features a fully leather-wrapped steering wheel.
"Clous de Paris" Guillochage
Our craftsmen have worked on each finish as if it were the setting of a precious stone. Inspired by fine watchmaking technology “Clous de Paris” guillochage adorns the controls and displays a pattern as if made by tiny nails with pyramid heads that intertwine seamlessly. 
"Pearl" stitching
Inspired by needle point, our upholsterers have created Pearl Stitching, a particularly elegant finish that recreates the shape of a pearl, to enhance our leathers and interiors. This nod to high fashion quickly became a DS Automobiles signature.
B.R.M R180
Positioned majestically on the dashboard, the B.R.M R180 time piece, designed in partnership with B.R.M Chronographes, appears when the vehicle starts up. Combining technology with elegant design, it automatically sets itself to the right time according the season and journey. 
Lounge armrest
The Lounge armrest in the rear helps overall comfort; upholstered in Nappa leather, it provides storage, offers USB ports and allows you to operate the massage controls for the rear seats.
Leather steering wheel
You’ll be transfixed by the beauty of the materials that cloak DS 9’s interior and especially by our leathers enhancing the dashboard and steering wheel. 
FOCAL Electra® sound system

With the launch of DS 9, our experts have come up with a new concept in acoustic comfort. The glass is covered with an acoustic film which together with a semi-bonded casing eliminates vibrations to give a quiet, peaceful atmosphere inside. This superb craftsmanship brings out the purity of sound delivered by the Focal Electra® audio system* with its 14 speakers delivering 515 Watts.


*Available as an option at extra cost.

When advanced technology is on your side
Designed for your comfort, DS 9 features the latest technology
Connected cockpit with DS IRIS SYSTEM
Immersive and high tech, the cockpit comes equipped with a 12.3 inch digital instrument display, a large 12 inch HD central touch screen and the DS IRIS SYSTEM, a personal assistant with touch screen and voice recognition. Access all the essential driving information and vehicle controls using your voice.
In this video, discover how our new information ecosystem works. Intuitive, ergonomic and fully customizable, DS IRIS SYSTEM integrates a personal assistant with touch screen and advanced voice recognition: DS IRIS SYSTEM performs what you want, when you want it.
This intelligent suspension system relies on a camera located at the top of the windscreen as well as multiple sensors that constantly look for imperfections in the road. They transmit this data in milliseconds to a computer that operates each wheel independently. Depending on the information it receives this continuously makes the suspension harder or softer, guaranteeing optimal comfort. 
With its main LED projector headlamp and three rotating modules, DS ACTIVE LED VISION offers several modes of lighting specific to each driving situation. The modules work together to instantly adjust the angle, intensity and range of the light beam depending on driving conditions (weather and light levels). It doesn’t matter if you are driving in town, the country or on the motorway, the lighting will adapt to enable vision in high definition.

We’ve designed DS DRIVE ASSIST to help the driver while enabling them to retake control of the car at any time. This system adjusts the speed and distance relative to the vehicle in front and positions DS 9 precisely in its lane by controlling the steering if the driver wants. It oversees speed and steering, enhancing safety and peace of mind at the wheel.

The system also controls stopping (within a 3-second limit) and restarting when traffic gets heavy.

At night, with its infrared camera hidden in the front grille, your DS 9 scans the road in real time. The system can detect pedestrians and animals up to 100m away so you can see hazards and react quickly. 
Experience the enjoyment of driving a plug-in hybrid
Driving modes
At the wheel of DS 9 E-TENSE, four driving modes are available enabling greater or lesser use of the battery. Zero emissions mode allows you to do most of your commuting without using petrol. The E-TENSE Sport mode lets you make the most of DS 9’s performance by adjusting the mapping of the accelerator pedal, gearbox, steering and controlled damping. The Hybrid mode automatically controls the different energy sources by driving in 100% electric, 100% petrol or combining the two if the situation requires. Finally, Comfort mode enables DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION to be activated. It continuously adjusts the suspension, making it firmer or more compliant to deliver the ultimate comfort.
Regenerative braking
When you decelerate, kinetic energy from the wheels is converted into electricity. You can increase the range from your battery by up to 15%. Even when the battery runs out, you can use this feature to improve your fuel economy.
E-SAVE Function
This lets you save energy so you can do the last miles of your journey in 100% electric Zero Emissions mode. It allows you to access towns and cities with Low Emission Zones (LEZ), where traffic is restricted.


DS 9 E-TENSE 4x4 360
Developed in conjunction with DS Performance, winners of both the driver's and manufacturer's Formula E titles in 2019 and 2020, the enhancement and tuning of both the power unit and suspension have resulted in outstanding performance. The dynamic serenity synonymous with DS Automobiles reaches new heights with DS 9 E-TENSE 4x4 360. Meticulous attention to detail results in an uncompromised balance between excellent road holding and ultimate comfort.
Benefits of E-TENSE plug-in hybrid technology
Quiet, comfortable driving
Enjoy a peaceful and near silent drive when setting off in your car in Zero Emission mode. On E-TENSE models, tranquility inside your DS 9 is enhanced by laminated glass, fitted as standard.
Low Emissions
With two power units available (250 hp and 360 hp four-wheel drive), our E-TENSE models have emissions ranging from 18 to 35g/km of CO₂.
Boot and usability
With its long 2.89 metre wheelbase, DS 9 offers a spacious and comfortable interior. This is enhanced by details such as the elegant central armrest in the rear, crafted from Nappa leather. With a capacity of up to 510 litres, DS 9 E-TENSE's boot is one of the largest in its segment.
Exclusive E-TENSE services
Enjoy the many services put in place by DS Automobiles to make your daily life easier: locate charging points and plan your charging, or have a charger installed at home, straight from your smartphone or your car.
Performance plug-in hybrid
With its petrol engine and two electric motors, one located at the front, the other at the rear, the power unit of E-TENSE 4x4 360 gives you up to 360 hp for remarkable performance.
Run in zero emissions mode
Different factors can affect the range of your plug-in hybrid car, such as weather conditions, your speed and even your driving style.
Among the factors that have the most impact on the range of your plug-in hybrid car, speed is the most important. Maintaining a constant and moderate speed will enable you to optimise the range of your car.
Driving style and elevation 
Your plug-in hybrid car is particularly sensitive to driving style and route elevation. Choosing Eco mode (among the four driving modes), practicing eco driving or using regenerative braking are solutions for saving energy by up to 15%.
Temperature control and heating
Depending on the weather conditions, your car’s battery is used to control the interior temperature. In winter, energy expenditure can be 35% higher than spring so you’re advised to heat or cool the temperature inside your plug-in hybrid car while it’s still charging using the Thermal Pre-conditioning function.
Calculate range
Adjust the settings below and see its range
Calculate your charging time
See how charing time varies depending in the type of charing point you use.
Charge your DS 9 
Wherever you are
Click below to discover the charging stations available and compatible with your model.
Benefit from a tailor-made installation
When you purchase an E-TENSE electric vehicle, you benefit from the expertise of our recommended charging partner, Pod Point, who will provide you with the best service for your charging solution. Your DS retailer will put you in touch with Pod Point once you have placed an order for your vehicle.
MYDS Application

Information about range

With the MyDS smartphone app, you can see the current range of your plug-in hybrid. When your car is charging, you can see how fast it's charging and remaining charge time.

Remote charging

With remote charging you can use the MyDS app to start charging or set-up a charging schedule. By scheduling a charge, you can take advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity tariffs available with some energy providers.

Thermal pre-conditioning

Using the thermal pre-conditioning function enables you to schedule the heating or cooling of your car. For example, on a cold winter morning you can schedule the car to heat up to a comfortable temperature before you leave the house.  As well as ensuring your comfort, this function also extends your range if the car is charging and also pre-warms your battery to improve its efficiency.

DS IRIS System offers you the services of ChatGPT(i) The new feature by DS Automobiles utilizes the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence with SoundHound's Chat AI platform, which integrates several knowledge domains, combined with the most cutting-edge large language models like ChatGPT API to deliver more timely and comprehensive responses than the previous DS IRIS Voice recognition System. ChatGPT is integrated in DS IRIS System thanks to the audio and voice recognition system of SoundHound. Being an Artificial Intelligence language model, it is developed to generate human-like responses based on deep learning, but as it is new and developing technology, its answers or information may not be totally accurate, correct or objective. As with any other virtual assistant, we recommend you not to rely only on the information provided and to avoid sharing private information. Please refer to the terms and conditions. 


Already particularly intuitive and responsive, DS IRIS SYSTEM voice recognition system now integrates SoundHound Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT API.

Your DS is now enriched with an innovative function that allows you to explore a whole new relationship with your vehicle, offering you a travel companion that will make your journeys even safer and more pleasant.

Services included with the purchase of your vehicle

 DS Automobiles provides you with a set of Connected Services that allow you to make the most of your driving experience.

Connect One Pack for a period of 10 years and Connect Plus Pack, after subscription, for a period of 3 years from the manufacturer warranty start date.

Remote Access
Control your vehicle remotely with your smartphone to lock or unlock your doors. And locate your vehicle by triggering your horn or lights. 
This service further enhances your driving experience and makes your journey safer with visual and audible alerts when you are approaching accident black spots and where there is a risk of speed control cameras. 
With the MyDS app, you can easily choose your next destination and send it to your DS infotainment system through the Send2Nav function. 
Bespoke services
An exclusive service offering benefits for DS owners
DS Ownership
Providing the best possible care for you and your DS

Legal Information


¹ The fuel consumption or electric range achieved, and CO₂ produced, in real world conditions will depend upon a number of factors including, but not limited to: the accessories fitted (pre and post registration); the starting charge of the battery (PHEV only); variations in weather; driving styles and vehicle load. The plug-in hybrid range requires mains electricity for charging. The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is used to measure fuel consumption, electric range and CO₂ figures. Figures shown are for comparison purposes and should only be compared to the fuel consumption, electric range and CO₂ values of other cars tested to the same technical standard. The figures displayed for the plug-in hybrid range were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. Information correct at time of going to print. More details on WLTP can be found here.


*’On the Road’ MRRP includes registration plates and delivery to dealer (including VAT), 12 months’ Vehicle Excise Duty and new vehicle registration fee of £55. Excludes fuel and insurance. Please note: an additional annual tax rate applies in years 2 to 6 for vehicles with a list price (which includes basic price, VAT, delivery cost and additional options) in excess of £40,000.


** Personal Contract Hire offers apply to qualifying new vehicles ordered and delivered between 1st October 2023 – 31th December 2023. Based on a 48 month contract with an agreed 10,000 miles per annum. An initial rental (equal to 6 monthly rentals) is required, followed by 47 monthly rentals. All rentals are inclusive of VAT. Terms and conditions apply. Finance subject to status. A guarantee may be required. Over 18s only. Excess mileage and damage charges may apply. You will not own the vehicle. Finance provided by and written quotations available from Stellantis Financial Services UK Limited, RH1 1QA. CITROEN UK LTD (trading as DS AUTOMOBILES) is acting as a credit broker and not as a lender and may introduce you to other credit brokers (vehicle retailers). We will introduce you to Stellantis Financial Services UK Limited, RH1 1QA as a lender and we may receive a fixed commission for this introduction or no commission at all. The vehicle retailer, acting as credit broker, will receive from the lender a commission, fee or remuneration typically. This may be in the form of a standard amount e.g. based on a fixed fee or fixed interest rates, campaigns or targets agreed between Stellantis Financial Services UK Limited and the credit broker. Alternative finance products may be available with different commission amounts and/or arrangements. For more details, or if you think this will affect your decision to enter into an agreement, you should ask Stellantis Financial Services UK Limited or the vehicle retailer (acting as a credit broker) for further information.