DS 3 
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Tutorial videos
See our video tutorials for DS 3 (apply to both fully electric and petrol versions).

Learn how to make the best use of DS DRIVE ASSIST’s various features with this how-to video:


  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function
  • Lane Positioning Assist 
Discover presentation videos of the technologies available on DS 3
DS IRIS SYSTEM is our new information eco-system that’s intuitive, ergonomic and can be completely personalised. It includes a personal assistant with a touchscreen and advanced voice recognition. DS IRIS SYSTEM carries out what you want, when you want.
DS DRIVE ASSIST helps the driver while enabling them to re-take control of their car at any time. It’s another step towards autonomous driving. This innovative equipment governs speed and distance relative to the vehicle in front, and by operating the steering positions DS 3 precisely where the driver wants in its lane. It controls speed and direction to ensure you’re safe and relaxed at the wheel.

With Keyless Entry & Start, DS 3 unlocks automatically as you come within 2 metres and the door handles, which elegantly blend into the shape, appear.

Start your car easily with the Start/Stop button. On leaving it’s the same principle: the door handles disappear and the car locks automatically.

DS 3’s DS MATRIX LED VISION is made up of 3 LED modules for the dipped function as well as a MATRIX BEAM module divided into 15 independent sections for undipped operation. The segments illuminate and turn off progressively depending on the driving environment detected by the camera at the top of the windscreen. The driver can therefore drive using main beam headlights without dazzling others: for example approaching a vehicle that’s being followed or coming the other way, a section of the light beam around that vehicle automatically switches off and tracks its movement so as not to distract it.
E-TENSE 100% Elec
Created with a new platform and using innovative materials, DS 3 in its 100% electric version has increased range – up to 575 km on the urban cycle – and becomes one of the lightest compact SUVs in its class. A partner for your quick getaways and long journeys, up to 80% of its battery can be charged in only 30 minutes.
Colour Head-up Display
DS 3’s colour Extended Head-Up Display represents an immersive visual experience similar to augmented reality. Digital data is projected onto a transparent screen in the driver’s line of sight, so they never have to take their eyes off the road.
E-TENSE charging solutions
Discover our dedicated video tutorials for DS electric models
Charging solutions from partner Leasys
Discover our video tutorials to use the services of our partner Leasys.
Discover our video tutorials to use the services of our partner Leasys.

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Découvrez les tutoriels pour les solutions à la charge
Ce tutoriel vidéo vous indique comment souscrire au service « Charge My Car », via l’application Leasys. Suivez les étapes pour bénéficier de toutes ses fonctionnalités : identification des bornes de recharge publiques disponibles et compatibles avec votre voiture électrique ou hybride rechargeable, planification de votre trajet et paiement simplifié. Directement accessible depuis votre Smartphone ou sur l’écran de votre voiture, « Charge My Car » simplifie vos déplacements, partout en Europe.

Charging your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle


Discover, through this video tutorial, how to find the nearest charging station, the most economical or the fastest, thanks to the "Charge My Car" feature of the Leasys application, directly accessible from the screen of your car or your smartphone. Then start and stop charging your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid at all the stations in the Leasys network, using your charging card or your smartphone.

Prepare your trip

Follow the instructions in this video tutorial to prepare a long journey in an electric or plug-in hybrid car with the "Charge my Car" service, available from the Leasys app. Access Europe's largest network of charging stations and determine the optimal route to facilitate even the longest journeys.