User Generated Content Terms And Conditions

Thank you for agreeing to let DS Automobiles UK use your photo, video, post, and/or other online content (the "Content"). To make sure that there are no misunderstandings between us, these Terms and Conditions will identify the terms and conditions of our agreement. By replying #YesDS, you grant DS Automobiles UK the right to use your Content for any lawful commercial purpose as long as DS Automobiles UK would like including, on any social media platform, in advertising, and in the promotion of DS Automobile UK's products or services regardless of the media used, and DS Automobiles UK may edit, change or alter your Content as it deems necessary, all without payment of any compensation to you or a third party. You also agree that you do not have any right to review or approve the finished product or advertising copy, or have any right of attribution, and you agree that you may not subsequently withdraw your permission for DS Automobiles UK to use your Content. Further, you agree that DS Automobiles UK's subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, representatives, assigns, licensees, and anyone else acting on behalf of DS Automobiles UK, or with DS Automobiles UK's permission, also has the right to use the Content as provided in these Terms and Conditions.

DS Automobiles UK respects the intellectual property rights of others and does not want to use any content that violates the rights of any third party, or will be viewed as defamatory, obscene, or threatening to any other party. Therefore, by giving DS Automobiles UK permission to use your Content, you represent and warrant to DS Automobiles UK that (1) you are the owner of the Content you have provided, including all ideas, images, text, and intellectual property rights within the Content, including, copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, publicity rights, and privacy rights, or if you are not the owner of such rights, you have already obtained permission from the owner of such rights and have the authority to grant DS Automobiles UK permission to use the Content as provided in these Terms and Conditions; (2) DS Automobiles UK's use of your Content as provided herein will not infringe on the intellectual property rights, publicity rights, or privacy rights of any third party, or require the payment of any compensation to any third party; (3) nothing in the Content you provided is likely to be considered defamatory, obscene, or threatening to any third party; and (4) you are of full age and have the right to enter into this agreement in your own name. You hereby release DS Automobiles UK from any claims related to DS Automobiles UK's use of the Content as permitted herein, whether in existence today or in the future, including, without limitation, all rights, demands and/or liabilities regarding invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, violation of the rights of publicity and privacy, moral rights and/or breach of confidentiality.

By replying #YesDS, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.