La Malle Bernard X DS Automobiles : collaboration exclusive
La Malle Bernard: the French Art of Travel by DS Automobiles

Paris, July 17th, 2023


Registered on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, French gastronomy reflects the refinement, taste and friendliness that are typical of the French lifestyle. It’s testament to the diversity and wealth of regional culinary specialties that the French are proud of, renowned for and that attract tourists from all over the world.

Culinary Luggage: an Exclusive Collaboration

Focusing on an aesthetic and cultural approach to travel, DS Automobiles collaborated with La Malle Bernard to create this exclusive culinary luggage developed with Michelin-starred chef Julien Dumas.

The culinary luggage promotes the exploration of local cultures, meetings and practising the French lifestyle when travelling, for increased wonder, authenticity and quality from the travel experience.

Designed by DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS, Julien Dumas and La Malle Bernard, the DS Automobiles culinary luggage features high quality materials with Nappa leather on the outside - in a Pearl Grey colour identical to that of the ESPRIT DE VOYAGE Collection ‑ Alcantara® on the inside to cover poplar panels from wooden barrels. Embossing is applied with the ESPRIT DE VOYAGE signature.
« When I designed this trunk, I thought about different ingredients and trips to my producers. I used the oil bottle to fill with roasted walnut oil from the Massif Central, jars for dried and smoked trout and seaweed caviar, test tubes for Alexanders pepper, dried seaweed and fresh herbs. I used the pots to bring back tartare of seaweed, dried trout, dried scallops and apple vinegar from the Paris region and Brittany, in particular from Jean-Marie and Valérie Pédron's » 
Julien Dumas, Michelin Starred Chef and DS Automobiles Gastronomy Ambassador
The Picnic Hamper: Take a Break to Enjoy Life with DS Automobiles

To mark DS 9 Esprit de Voyage's launch, DS Automobiles is introducing a new iteration of culinary luggage with the Picnic Hamper, again handmade by La Malle Bernard, the oldest luggage maker still working in France with the seal of the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.


To fully enjoy this unique experience, DS Automobiles is commissioning hampers handcrafted by La Malle Bernard which required several dozen hours of work.


The picnic hamper is designed to accommodate lunch for four diners with a wide range of containers and accessories.

Esprit de Voyage Collection: Embark on the French Art of Travel Journey

Inspired by travel and the French savoir-faire, DS Automobiles introduces its collection Esprit de Voyage.

This limited collection brings an extra touch of refinement to our creations and invites you to take a step back and escape. Singular, elegant and refined: three words to live a memorable journey at the heart of the French art of travel.