DS 9 Esprit de Voyage completes the Esprit de Voyage Collection, a tribute to the exceptional expertise, premium design and avant-garde spirit that typifies DS Automobiles. 


A true form of expression for the Brand's designers, craftspeople, experts and engineers, this exclusive version enriches the passion and French Art of Travel and focuses on refinement, quality and design. It’s a unique Collection, which heightens the relationship between luxury automotive tradition and innovation.


Created in Paris, DS Automobiles is inextricably linked to the City of Light and its premium expertise. 

It’s here that our team draws its inspiration, its meaning of luxury and design requirements. It’s also here that the Esprit de Voyage Collection’s signature was conceived: a poetically embossed pattern. The Clous de Paris serves as a starting point for gracefully arranged beams that symbolise how Esprit de Voyage envisaged by DS Automobiles radiates around the world.

Upgrade your travels
Elevated to the level of pieces of art, elegant and iconic brushed chrome badges adorne DS 9 Esprit de Voyage.
Prestigious and vibrant, the 20 inch diamond cut MUNICH alloy wheels enrich every journey.
Unique mirror housings 
The mirror housings on DS 9 Esprit de Voyage are embellished with the Collection’s hallmark: the Clous de Paris with beams delicately drawn by laser flowing from it. As is the case with a painting, the refinement is in the detail.
A captivating look
As soon as it’s unlocked, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION front lights illuminate, coming alive to welcome you. The full LED 3D rear lights further emphasise this remarkable saloon’s power of attraction.
Opening Sunroof
Enjoy a wider perspective and invite the sky, light and landscape into your car with the opening sunroof. During your journey, light dances and plays with the different shades of grey in the cabin, like an open-air painting, always changing and enchanting.
Flush fitting door handles
As you approach, the car recognises you and opens with flush fitting door handles that smoothly and elegantly fold out – or retract when you move away.
Attention to detail
Adorned with high-quality materials such as Nappa Leather and Alcantara®, DS 9 Esprit de Voyage’s interior is the epitome of exceptional DS craftsmanship. Prestige finishes that, combined with the sunroof, enrich the interior’s balance and delicacy. From the dashboard to the door panels, subtle "Pearl" stitching enhances this refined atmosphere. 
Unique ESPRIT DE VOYAGE signature
Designed by the DS Automobiles Colours & Materials Team, the Esprit de Voyage signature is heat embossed onto the sumptuous Nappa Leather covered centre console.
Pearl Grey Nappa Leather watchstrap upholstery
Developed by our artisan upholsterers, the seats with the iconic "Watchstrap" upholstery are also clad with this light Pearl Grey Nappa Leather for an incredible balance between trims. The epitome of elegance is attained with the DS badge overlaid on the headrests.
Illuminated door sills
The “Esprit de Voyage” branded door sill protectors, especially designed for this Collection, light up when the door opens, creating a sparkling invitation to enter.
The spirit of elegance and French expertise is expressed in this spacious interior, imbued with refinement, light and tranquillity. Comfort is elevated to being a way of life, from the Nappa Leather to the sunroof by way of the headlining, the detailing of the finishes and the wide central armrest.
Comfort inside
Connected cockpit with DS IRIS SYSTEM
Immersive and high tech, the cockpit comes with a 12.3 inch digital instrument display, a large 12 inch HD central touch screen and the DS IRIS SYSTEM, a personal assistant with touch screen and voice recognition. Access all the essential driving information and vehicle controls using your voice.
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