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The MyDS app has been designed to connect you with your DS vehicle and its world. One click gives access to all the Only You services, enhancing your experience before, during and after each journey. Every DS model is compatible with the MyDS app.

The world of DS on your smartphone

MyDS App

Discover the connected services of MyDS

Use the MyDS mobile app to help you enjoy the connectivity of your DS. Use your smartphone to lock and unlock your car doors, flash headlights and much more. Find many Points of Interest and use the Send2Nav feature to send your destination from your phone to your on-board navigation system. ​


​Discover all the ways you can enrich your driving experience. ​


Download the MyDS App. ​

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Keep your DS in the best condition

Stay up to date on the status of your DS with a monthly email report with accurate information on your vehicle health. Use the MyDS mobile app to choose an available date and timeslot if you need book an appointment with your preferred DS Store for service or repairs. With the DS Only You Privilege program, you will enjoy services like dedicated DS Assistance and DS Valet in addition to exclusive lifestyle, culinary and art events.  ​


Discover all the ways you can enrich your driving experience. ​


Download the MyDS App. ​

For Android:​

For OS:​​

Daily support

Before your journey: make life easier by locating your car.*Assuming your smartphone is connected and has navigation functionality. 


During your journey: track your trip and fuel consumption. MyDS will notify you when your next scheduled service is due.*Assuming your smartphone is connected and has navigation functionality.


After your journey: an assistant dedicated to making life simpler by guiding you on foot from your DS to your final destination.*Assuming your smartphone is connected and has navigation functionality.

User manual

All there is to know about your DS car


Instant access to all your vehicle’s technical data through the MyDS App. Whether that’s functionality or how best to service and maintain your DS, everything’s right there.

DS video tutorials

Take full advantage of everything your DS can offer


Just got your DS and looking for help or information on its equipment? Discover how your car's various functions work with the instruction videos (video tutorials). Find any information you need on the car and operating its equipment.



See the current state of charge or estimated remaining range. Quickly see your car's state of charge and its pre-set temperature.


While your car is charging, see the speed and its forecast charging time. You can also set your charging time to benefit from off-peak tariffs.


The cockpit temperature pre-set controls allow you to programme heating or cooling your car. Designed for your comfort, this function is available whether the car is plugged in or not.
Plan your trip and enjoy your journey

Prepare your journey from on your smartphone through MyDS app with EV Trip Planner* included in the Connected Navigation Pack and follow your navigation step by step, even during battery charging stops. Choose your next destination and send it to your DS infotainment system using the Send2Nav function from MyDS app.

Throughout your journey, you can also benefit from real-time traffic updates, energy consumption, the level of the vehicle's battery and various charging points available nearby.


*Only available on DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE and DS 3 E-TENSE versions.

E-TENSE Remote control tutorials for electrified vehicles



This video tutorial explains how to register and activate E-TENSE Remote Control from the MyDS application. Step by step, find out how to subscribe to this feature to be continuously informed about the status of your E-TENSE vehicle.

E-Tense Remote control

Learn, through this video tutorial, how to use the E-TENSE Remote Control functionalities from MyDS application. Step by step, discover how to customize your application to stay informed, continuously, about the status of your E-TENSE vehicle: check your battery's autonomy and its state of charge, program your car's recharge or its thermal pre-conditioning remotely, at a precise time, on the day(s) of your choice.
Have you just purchased your vehicle and are you looking for help or information on its equipment? Discover all of our video tutorials by clicking below.

Thanks to the myDS mobile app, your vehicle will always be by your side, at your fingertips. Discover the easiest and safest way to plan your next journey. Enter the destination, input your place of departure, set the state of charge of your battery, and the planner will indicate the best itinerary and accessible charging points for you.

Discover all the ways you can enrich your driving experience. 

Report a breakdown and track the breakdown service in real time. Through the MyDS app you can request assistance, give information about your situation, confirm your location and call for support. 
Access the interactive document to get to grips with your DS. Through the MyDS app, consult the vehicle documentation and user manual. For further information, search by photos or scan your DS.  
Plan your route and with a click send it to the navigation system in your DS. Through the MyDS app, key in your destination and send it to your car. You also use Google Maps, Apple Plan or Waze to share your route. 

Bespoke services


HIRE A DS WITH FREE2MOVE RENT: hire the DS of your choice. Book a car from your smartphone.

DS CLUB PRIVILEGE: become a member of our special club and enjoy something unique.

DS VALET: have access to a dedicated valet while you’re buying your DS or for scheduling appointments at our DS Workshops.

DS ASSISTANCE: enjoy free 24/7 lifetime support in mainland France and abroad.


You can consult the online user manual for your DS through your smartphone.


1/ Download the document from the MyDS app.

2/ Using your smartphone's camera, you can now scan parts of your DS to find out detailed information about them.


Simple, quick and efficient, the Scan function gives you all the information you need.