Connected Services Packs
Connected Services Packs
Included in the purchase of your car*

DS Automobiles provides you with a set of Connected Services that allow you to make the most of your driving experience.

*From 1st July 2023, all new DS vehicles will be equipped with Connected Services Packs which are included in the purchase price. This includes the Connect ONE pack for a period of 10 years and, after subscribing, the Connect PLUS pack, included with the purchase of your DS for a period of 36 months with a possibility to renew with a paid subscription after this period.(i) See Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page  

Connect ONE
Enjoy peace of mind
Following your purchase and for a period of 10 years (i) Included with the purchase of any new DS car ordered from 1st July 2023. See terms and conditions at the bottom of the page for more detail.   , enjoy the connected services dedicated to your safety and convenience. 
With the SOS & Assistance feature, drive with complete peace of mind. This emergency global positioning system will immediately contact the appropriate emergency or support services when you need them.  
DS Telemaintenance (i) Activation required via DS Services Store website.  

With our intelligent Telemaintenance service, DS continuously monitors the key functions of your car and  let you know as soon as there is something that you need to get fixed.

It aslo anticipates your car’s maintenance requirements in a more efficient way to save you time.

Digital Service Record

Make your service and maintenance experience seamless and paperless with a DS Digital Service Record. 

Activate your Digital Service Record* at your Retailer to easily check all the maintenance and service work carried out on your car directly on your MyDS App. 


*Your Digital Service Record will only log work from the moment it is activated, it will not have access to any historical information.

Ongoing automatic updates
Enjoy a high-performance infotainment system with the benefit of automatic updates, so you can always access the most recent features. 
Keep yourself amused whilst parked up in your DS by playing games on your touchscreen. A great way to pass the time while waiting in your car! 
Connect PLUS
Rediscover the enjoyment of driving 
Included in the price of your DS for a period of 36 months(i) Included on all new DS vehicles ordered from 1st July 2023 for a period of 36 months, from the starting date of the manufacturer warranty. See terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.   with a possibility to renew with a paid subscription afterwards, the Connect PLUS pack offers you additional services for the ultimate connected driving experience.
Enjoy a peaceful drive, as you navigate around congestion and traffic problems. Our fully integrated navigation system helps you stay informed, providing real-time information (traffic, weather, danger zones, location of service stations with the price of fuel and electric charging points etc...) and suggests a parking space near your destination(i) "On Street Parking" available in the main cities depending on the country.  . Your voice assistant takes care of everything. And if you've already programmed your journey into your MyDS app, send it straight to your car's navigation with a single click. 
DS IRIS SYSTEM & CHATGPT(i) The new feature by DS Automobiles utilises the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence with SoundHound's Chat AI platform, which integrates several knowledge domains, combined with the most cutting-edge large language models like ChatGPT API to deliver more timely and comprehensive responses than the previous DS IRIS Voice recognition System. ChatGPT is integrated in DS IRIS System thanks to the audio and voice recognition system of SoundHound. Being an Artificial Intelligence language model, it is developed to generate human-like responses based on deep learning, but as it is new and developing technology, its answers or information may not be totally accurate, correct or objective. As with any other virtual assistant, we recommend you not to rely only on the information provided and to avoid sharing private information. Please refer to the terms and conditions.  

Already particularly intuitive and responsive, DS IRIS SYSTEM voice recognition system now integrates SoundHound Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT API.

Your DS is now enhanced with an innovative function that allows you to explore a whole new relationship with your vehicle, offering you a travel companion that will make your journeys even safer and more pleasant.

CONNECTED ALARM(i) Purchase and installation of the physical alarm system in your DS car not included in the Connect PLUS Pack.  

Enjoy your journey without worrying about your car. The connected alarm warns you by SMS if your physical alarm is triggered.


Available on DS 4 (for France and the UK).


Thanks to e-ROUTES, you'll never run out of charge. e-ROUTES chooses the most efficient and fastest route for you. Plan your journey via the e-ROUTES application on your smartphone or view your route and its duration directly on the car's central screen, taking into account charging stops and your actual consumption.


Available only on DS 3 E-TENSE


Prepare your journeys from your smartphone through MyDS. Enter the range you want to have at the end of your journey and preview your charging stops and estimated travel time all calculated according to your needs specified in your app. Save time by sending the route to your 1st stop straight to your DS infotainment system from your MyDS App. 


Available only on the 100% electric DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE and DS 3 E-TENSE versions.

Charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car at public charging points with this app connected to your car and included in the Connect Plus Pack. 

Not sure if you've locked your car? With Remove Access you can lock or unlock your car's doors remotely from your smartphone. You can also locate your vehicle in a car park by triggering remotely your horn or lights. 


From your MyDS app, stay up to date with your E-TENSE 100% electric or plug-in hybrid car’s status: check your battery range and its state of charge, schedule your car’s charging or precondition its temperature, at a specific time, on the day(s) of your choice.


With the MyDS app, you can easily choose your next destination and send it to your DS infotainment system through the Send2Nav function directly from your smartphone.  
Bespoke services
MyDS App
Find out more about the MyDS App, which helps you make the most of your vehicle and its services.
Only You
An exclusive service offering benefits for DS owners.

Legal information


For all new vehicles ordered from 1 July 2023, the SOS & Assistance and DS remote maintenance(i) Remote maintenance requires specific activation by the customer.   services are included in the Connect ONE pack (price already included in that of the vehicle). The "Remote Control & Connected Navigation" services are included in the Connect PLUS pack, which requires a specific subscription. Connect PLUS is available and included in the price of the vehicle for a period of 36 months from the warranty start date. After this period, Connect PLUS will be available against payment.