23 December 2019

DS Automobiles warns road users about the dangers of deadly night-time dazzle as Brits prepare for an estimated 31 million trips in lead up to Christmas

Night-time dazzle is a contributory factor in almost 400 casualties on UK roads every year


DS vehicles are equipped with the latest headlight technology and design with DS ACTIVE LED VISION on the Premium SUV - DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS MATRIX LED VISION beam system available on DS 3 CROSSBACK - the Premium Compact SUV

Innovative LED technology uses a windscreen-mounted camera to detect obstacles improving visibility for the driver without blinding on-coming traffic


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DS Automobiles is warning drivers about the dangers of poorly lit roads and deadly night-time dazzle.


Two-thirds of drivers say they are regularly dazzled by oncoming headlights even though they are dipped - and it’s listed as a contributory factor in six deaths, 75 serious injuries and over 300 minor injuries every year on roads across the UK*.


DS Automobiles is highlighting this important issue of light-blinding on UK roads with its innovative headlight technology; DS ACTIVE LED VISION on the Premium SUV - DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS MATRIX LED VISION beam system available on DS 3 CROSSBACK - the Premium Compact SUV.

DS 7 CROSSBACK headlamps all feature a main projector headlamp in a sealed cluster of three LEDs that rotate 1800. In addition to the visual effect, the DS ACTIVE LED VISION system is highly efficient. At night, the beam adapts in width and range to the road conditions and vehicle speed. Six lighting modes are available: Parking, Town Beam, Country Beam, Motorway Beam, Adverse Beam and High Beam.


By lighting up the road more effectively and over a greater distance, or more on the sides of the road, drivers and passengers alike benefit from greater levels of safety. Safety is also enhanced with the rear light LEDs that activate in an instant and benefit from a longer-projected lifespan - for as long as that of the car.

On DS 3 CROSSBACK the available LED light system^ adjusts lighting, switching from full beam to dipped headlights automatically without dazzling oncoming drivers. The intelligent lighting recognises road and traffic conditions using a camera mounted in the windscreen and adapts automatically.


This system features three LED modules for dipped beam while a MATRIX BEAM uses 15 identical but independent LED units that illuminate and dim progressively depending on road conditions. In urban areas with dipped beams, the MATRIX BEAM switches off, before turning itself on in more rural settings. When following other cars on dual carriageways or approaching oncoming vehicles, the MATRIX BEAM adjusts to switch off the LED modules in the narrow field of the other road users helping to reduce dazzle while still safely illuminating the road ahead for the driver.


DS MATRIX LED VISION works in conjunction with the EXTENDED EMERGENCY BRAKING SYSTEM and EXTENDED TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION to create a full safety shield for drivers.

Vince Clisham, Head of Product at DS Automobiles UK, said: “Night-time dazzle is a real safety problem on UK roads contributing to hundreds of accidents a year. We think action needs to be taken that ensures road users’ vehicles have more regular alignment checks and which is why our innovative technology helps prevent dazzle by automatically adapting the beam out of the eyes of oncoming drivers. With our raft of market-leading driver assistance technologies, DS is committed to ensuring its customers are as safe as possible on the road.”



^DS LED MATRIX VISION is standard on Ultra Prestige models of DS 3 CROSSBACK and a £1,550 and £1,350 option on PERFORMANCE Line and Prestige models.