Tomorrow’s Headlight Technology on Today’s Compact Car

10 June 2019

Imagine a world where your car’s headlights were so bright, there was no difference between driving at night or during the day. Yet at the same time dazzling other road users was never a concern. You don’t have to imagine any more because this feature is available on DS 3 CROSSBACK, the first time it’s been offered on this class of car.

Called DS MATRIX LED VISION, it’s one of the latest innovations in headlight technology. Operating automatically it provides drivers with significantly more lighting options than the traditional choices of just dipped and main beams, thereby improving road safety for all.

What Does DS MATRIX LED VISION Comprise?

The two headlight units of every DS 3 CROSSBACK are each made up of three LED modules. These are supplemented by 15 identical but independent LEDs plus two purple LEDs. The three LED modules provide a white non-dazzling light when you choose dipped beam for driving around town.


The 15 LEDs work with this to provide the high beam when you want lighting that will help you to see as far as possible. The pair of purple LEDs are to greet the keyholder.




DS MATRIX LED VISION is a true luxury car feature that takes away the hassle of flicking manually between main and dipped beam headlights.


To do this, DS 3 CROSSBACK has a camera mounted at the top of the windscreen. This reads the prevailing road conditions. It can tell the difference between an approaching car or one that you’re following and even registers when you’re entering or leaving a well-lit area. It then adjusts the beams automatically for optimal lighting without dazzling on-coming drivers. If you want to override the system, the automatic lighting can be switched off via the central touchscreen.











On the open road, you want the full power of your headlights to help you see as far as possible. DS MATRIX LED VISION switches on all 30 matrix beams progressively from the inside outwards to fully illuminate the road ahead. If the car detects a vehicle in front, it automatically dims the appropriate number of beams to ensure the other driver isn’t dazzled. If it’s an approaching vehicle, it’ll dim those beams that point towards the right-hand lane. Crucially, the LED beams that light up the road ahead aren’t dimmed. This still enables you to see as far in front as possible for maximum road safety. When you enter a well-lit area, the matrix beams turn off progressively from the outside in, returning lighting to the three dipped beam LED modules.
A Dedicated Motorway Mode
If the lights are on automatic, once DS 3 CROSSBACK exceeds 68mph for more than five seconds, Motorway Mode is activated. Rather than lighting the sides of the road, this creates a cone of light ahead. The beam is also raised slightly to increase the range of the illumination for improved high-speed safety.
It's Our Visual 'Handshake'
Just as humans greet each other with a handshake, so DS 3 CROSSBACK welcomes its keyholder. Whether you use the hands-free function or unlock the car manually, the two purple LEDs in the headlight unit illuminate in welcome. Once the car has been locked, the headlights (as well as the rear lights and number plate lights) stay on for a set period to show the way for driver and passengers.
What Else Does This Lighting Bring to DS 3 CROSSBACK?
In addition to making driving simpler, safer and stress free, DS MATRIX LED VISION also contributes towards DS 3 CROSSBACK’s unique visual appeal. We call this a ‘light signature’ because it’s individual and guarantees you’ll stand out from the crowd. Once again, clever technology combining function with a form all of its very own.