SUVs are loved for their robustness and practicality. But those seeking a low-emission vehicle may be discouraged by an SUVs fuel consumption. That’s where an electric SUV is extremely valuable. However, it’s not just fuel efficiency where an electric SUV has the upper hand. There are plenty of advantages to a 100% electric CROSSBACK, so much so we’ve revealed the top 5 benefits of an electric SUV:

  • Cheaper to maintain
  • They're fuel-efficient
  • Packed with the latest technology
  • Added safety features
  • More space and practical

Keep reading to discover the key advantages in more detail. 



1. Cheaper to Maintain

Electric SUVs have fewer parts than internal combustion engine vehicles, therefore requiring less maintenance. As a result, EVs cost much less to maintain than petrol or diesel engines. 


For starters, you don’t need to change the oil, spark plugs, transmission fluid, fuel filters or drive belts with an electric vehicle. These are all things that can add up as a car ages. Not to mention brakes in a petrol or diesel SUV can be more expensive to replace. However, with an electric SUV you have the added benefit of regenerative braking, which considerably reduces brake wear.


2. Energy Consumption

Internal combustion engine SUVs typically consume more fuel compared to similar-sized cars. A study by consumer watchdog, Which?, found that drivers of large SUVs spend £409 more on fuel a year than large estate vehicle owners. 


So, why is running an SUV more expensive? Despite the similar size of SUVs compared to hatchbacks and estates, SUVs are still often larger and heavier. Therefore, the vehicle is subject to greater wind resistance and mass, which means the engine needs more power to compensate. 


However, with a 100% electric SUV running costs are significantly lower. Even using your home’s electric supply to charge your EV is estimated to be considerably cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel. What’s more, many EV owners charge their vehicle overnight, taking advantage of a reduced electricity rate.



3. The Latest Technology

Thanks to new advancements, today’s EVs are often equipped with the latest technology and additional desirable features compared to conventional cars, such as:

  • Improved range
  • Driver assistance
  • Ability to control charging and air conditioning/heating remotely
  • Parking sensors


Improved Range

Long gone are the days of a limited EV range. In recent years, battery power has vastly improved with the NEW DS 3 E-TENSE 100% electric SUV having an exceptional range of up to 250 miles, plenty for short and long journeys. And, with an enhanced battery also comes improved charging. NEW DS 3 E-TENSE's rapid charging allows 80% of the battery to be recharged in just 30 minutes.

Drive Assistance

New DS 3 E-TENSE 100% electric SUV is packed with features - however, the DS DRIVE ASSIST is certainly the most innovative. This DS technology can maintain and control speed whilst keeping a safe distance from the car in front. The outstanding driving aid reads road markings to keep you perfectly centre in lane. What’s more, DS DRIVE ASSIST can even command the vehicle to a complete stop and then start again as traffic moves.

Control Charging and Air Conditioning/Heating Remotely

New DS 3 E-TENSE can be charged from the comfort of your own home using the MyDS App. Start charging or set-up a charging schedule from your phone and benefit from the best energy rates. The MyDS app can even heat or cool the vehicle whilst it’s charging, meaning you don’t have to wait in the cold or heat until your car reaches its desired temperature.

4. Safety Features

SUVs are perfect for families, not only because of their size but they tend to pack a lot of safety features, too. In general, SUVs are often safer vehicles because of their size compared to ordinary-sized cars. You also have a higher driving position in SUVs, which gives drivers a better view of the road and helps the vehicle sustain larger impacts. But, when you pick an electric SUV, you have the added benefit of the latest safety technology, too, such as:

  • Advanced Safety Pack – all versions of New DS 3 E-TENSE come with this pack, including Extended Emergency Braking System, Extended Lane Keeping Assist, and Blind Spot Detection.
  • Electric noise emitter - from July 2019, all new EVs are fitted with a noise emitter to notify pedestrians and cyclists of an oncoming vehicle. The sound generated is similar to that of an internal combustion engine.



5. More Space

There are many reasons why you would want more space in a vehicle, perhaps you’re a family, or you may need to carry around a lot of cargo on daily trips. Whatever the reason, SUVs are certainly practical, even a compact SUV such as the New DS 3 is larger than a similar sized hatchback. The spacious interiors mean families can enjoy plenty of legroom, which means the SUV is ideal for taller adults, too. What’s more, the electric battery inside the 100% electric New DS 3 is tucked away nicely in the floor, maximising passenger and boot space.


Interested in learning more about how electric SUVs compare to conventional engines? Head over to our electric SUVs vs petrol and diesel guide. Are you looking to get an electric SUV? Configure your own New DS 3 E-TENSE, or check out the latest finance offers in the DS Online Store.





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