Dynamic & agile

In the middle of the urban jungle, enjoy a moment’s tranquillity in our five-seat DS 3. DS 3 is a fine balance between design and engineering. With a clean, fresh style, a range of interior features and a choice of engines that offer both performance and efficiency.

DS 3

DS 3

Designed for everyday journeys, you’ll enjoy the benefits as soon as you’re onboard DS3. Thanks to its precise steering and lowered suspension you’ll feel closer to the road in your city car with its sophisticated design and dynamic appearance.

To give you all the convenience you need, we’ve fitted DS3 with a latest generation six-speed automatic gearbox. Combining elegance with reliability, your DS city car will provide comfort at the highest level thanks to five full-size seats and its generous 285-litre boot, one of the biggest in its class.


Discover our DS 3 Limited Editions
Choose the DS3 that takes after you from our five limited edition models. Among them is DS3 Black Lézard. Inspired by the latest trends from the world of fashion and haute couture, you’ll be seduced by this model’s elegance. Equipped with a roof coated to resemble the skin of a reptile, DS3  Black Lézard reveals a subtle interplay of materials, combining the natural relief of the roof with the sheen of the bodywork. As a lover of exciting experiences you’ll be attracted by the sporty design of DS3 Performance Black Special Limited Edition.