Bold & Adventurous

Discover the SUV range from DS Automobiles, including DS 7 CROSSBACK, the next-generation SUV featuring advanced technology such as DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION and DS NIGHT VISION. Or, choose DS 4 CROSSBACK, the chic adventurer that feels at home out in the country or in the city.



Lovers of new automotive experiences, will see the road in a different light at the wheel of DS 7 CROSSBACK thanks to its two wide 12 inch screens, DS NIGHT VISION which gives an amazing view in the dark and DS CONNECTED PILOT which automatically maintains your distance from the vehicle in front and keeps you in your lane.

In DS 7 CROSSBACK, you’ll be surprised by the sophisticated elegance of the cockpit. Integrated into the dashboard, the cover of the B.R.M R180 watch unfurls when you start your SUV.


Tackle the road with complete composure inside DS 7 CROSSBACK thanks to the five full-size seats and its 555-litre boot, one of the biggest in its segment.



Express your personality at the wheel of DS 7 CROSSBACK by choosing from our four inspirations: Opéra, Rivoli, Bastille and Performance Line.



At the wheel of DS4 Crossback you can tackle the road in total safety. To guarantee superior comfort, we have given your crossback a driving position that’s 30mm higher than DS4, a panoramic windscreen and dynamic latest generation drivetrains.

Combining performance with reliability, DS4 Crossback includes a range of technologies for you, depending on trim level including bespoke connectivity, reversing camera, Intelligent Traction Control, keyless entry, Lane Assist and Blind Spot Monitoring.


Head off to conquer the great outdoors like a chic adventurer in DS4 Crossback, with five full-size seats and a generous 359-litre boot that’s as practical and flexible as you’ll want.




Personalise your interior to be as elegant as you like by choosing from our nine combinations of colours and materials. Experts in their field, our artisan upholsterers have fashioned DS4 Crossback in minute detail, from the Watchstrap design of the seats to the dashboard that can be specified in leather with metal or aluminium trim for the DS badge.