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DS Automobiles invites you to enjoy travelling first class in our range of vehicles; the compact DS 3 CROSSBACK SUV and premium next-generation DS 7 CROSSBACK 4x4. Both cars combine avant-garde design, incredible comfort, innovative technology and dynamic powertrains.

What is an SUV?

Sporty Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are designed to be larger than regular cars, and are raised higher from the ground to offer an improved view of the road ahead.

The extra ground clearance and muscular build of our premium DS 7 CROSSBACK SUV allows you to handle tougher weather conditions, as well as being a reliable family car for day-to-day activities.


Compact SUVs (sometimes known as Crossovers) are small sport utility vehicles that are slightly smaller than a regular SUV. Our DS 3 CROSSBACK compact SUV combines refinement and advanced technology with its sophisticated design.  


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The New Premium Compact SUV

DS 3 CROSSBACK is a stylish compact SUV, standing out from the crowd with its striking exterior design combined with a comfortable, modern interior. At the front, the iconic DS WINGS surrounding the grille give a chiselled and sculpted appearance. The vertical LED Daytime Running Lights with their ‘Pearl’ design and the unique DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights express modernity and performance.


From the rear, a muscular shoulder-line evokes powerful performance. There is elegance too, thanks to the slim rear lights. When driving your high tech DS 3 CROSSBACK, you’ll be the centre of attention.


DS 3 CROSSBACK is available with a petrol, diesel engine or E-TENSE fully electric version


The Sophisticated Premium SUV

DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first of the second-generation models from DS Automobiles. From first glance, you’ll instantly recognise the front of DS 7 CROSSBACK thanks to the design feature we call DS WINGS. The sharp lines of the front and rear wings give the flanks a sculpted look that highlights our SUV’s muscular appearance.


The rear lights also contribute to the intensity and originality of DS 7 CROSSBACKS light signature using 3D LED technology. DS ACTIVE LED VISION headlights come alive the moment you unlock DS 7 CROSSBACK. Its innovative technologies and avant-garde design yield unsurpassed levels of calm, comfort and efficiency.

With a Digital Instrument Cluster that is configurable to show your speed, sat nav and night vision - it gives you all the information you need in front of you, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Finally DS CONNECTED PILOT is our semi-autonomous driving system, combining cruise control and lane keeping assist, perfect for motorway driving.


DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4 is our Plug-in hybrid vehicle harnessing a new generation of electrified technology. With three power units - a turbocharged petrol engine and two electric motors that combine to produce 300hp, this becomes a new reference in terms of combining technology, refinement and performance.With 6 driving modes including Normal, Sport, Eco, Hybrid, Electric and 4 wheel drive you have the power of choice.


Why Buy an SUV?

No longer will you have to sacrifice performance when purchasing an SUV. Powerful and efficient, DS Automobiles engines conform to the latest exhaust emissions standards making them eco-friendly and fuel efficient. DS Automobiles offer a choice of petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully Electric engines. SUVs are no longer known for their bad reputation for high fuel consumption. Motability options are also available for customers who require them.


Both SUVs and Crossovers are perfect for families due to the larger amount of available space and their large boot volume. DS 7 CROSSBACK enjoys the largest boot in its class (555L) as well as a flat floor. Open and close the boot by simply moving your foot beneath the rear bumper, allowing you to access the boot with ease. Despite its compact size, DS 3 CROSSBACK provides exceptional interior including folding rear seats and a large 350-litre boot. The remarkable spaciousness inside both models means they are the perfect family car for trips and storage.


City drivers can also benefit from owning an SUV or Crossover without worrying about its size. Fitted with innovative technologies such as DS PARK PILOT parking assist, your car will park itself without any input from you on the steering wheel or pedals. This makes it easier to park within a busy city and tight parking spaces.


Priority should always be safety when purchasing any car. SUVs have massively improved over the years. The larger tyres offer stability and a better grip when driving, making it safer and easier when driving in poor weather conditions. As SUVs and crossovers weigh more, they can also withstand harsher weather. DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 3 CROSSBACK have been built to include a variety of safety technology. As part of our commitment to you, our engineers have strived to ensure DS 3 CROSSBACK secures the best Euro NCAP crash test rating. DS 7 CROSSBACK also obtained the best rating, equating to five out of five stars for the Euro NCAP crash test.


By helping you to see better at night, DS NIGHT VISION enables you to build an accurate picture of the road ahead and spot hazards sooner. An infrared camera in the grille detects pedestrians and animals in the road up to 100m in front.


You’ll see the road ahead in the digital instrument display with potential hazards highlighted in yellow, changing to red as they get closer. An audible alert can sound depending on how close these are. This enables you to anticipate hazards and react accordingly.


DS 7 CROSSBACK benefits from DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING technology, which can detect a dangerous drop in concentration. An infrared camera above the steering wheel works in conjunction with a camera at the top of the windscreen to monitor three signs of distraction or drowsiness: movements of the eyes, eyelids and neck.


The system also assesses the trajectory of the vehicle in relation to road markings. This enables it to detect deviations or sudden steering movements by the driver. As soon as DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING finds an anomaly in one of these factors, whatever the time of day or night, it automatically gives an audible alert, while a warning flashes up on the screen.



This system reads speed limit and traffic signs, immediately alerting you if you exceed the limit. You can also change the setting of the cruise control/speed limiter to adapt your speed to the prescribed limit.


The EXTENDED EMERGENCY BRAKING SYSTEM is an automatic safety feature, designed to make driving safer for you and those around you. Using sensors and a camera in the windscreen, this system anticipates a collision with cars or objects* in front of you, whether it’s day or night. The system starts with a visual and audible warning, before applying the brakes automatically if you’re not able to react in time.



DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION analyses the road ahead and adjusts automatically, making DS 7 CROSSBACK able to handle imperfections in the road’s surface with ease. This innovative technology employs a camera placed behind the windscreen connected electronically to the front and rear axles. This works with four height sensors and three accelerometers to gauge DS 7 CROSSBACK’s reactions such as speed, steering wheel angle and braking. Data is transmitted in real time to an electronic control unit, which governs each wheel independently. Based on this data, the control unit continually makes the suspension firmer or softer. DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION uses swift reactions and finesse to improve comfort on the move, resulting in a unique, smooth driving experience.


The latest generation of smart lighting technology from DS Automobiles, DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights give you something incredible; the ability to drive with your lights constantly on main beam, without ever dazzling other drivers.


Using a camera at the top of the windscreen, these intelligent headlights automatically adapt to prevailing traffic conditions by selectively dimming any part of the beam that would dazzle other drivers. The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights are made up of three LED projector modules for dipped beam, as well as a MATRIX BEAM module for driving.


This is composed of 15 identical but independent lighting elements that illuminate and dim progressively depending on road conditions.

Available SUV & CROSSOVER Drive Trains

Electric & Hybrid Engines

Our fully electric high tech DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE SUV, is fun and comfortable but maintains the usability of DS 3 CROSSBACK. You’ll also enjoy a range of 191 - 206 miles* and the ability to recharge 80% of the battery in 30 minutes with 100kW RAPID charging^.

In electric mode, our best plug-in hybrid SUV, DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4, can cover 36 miles (WLTP cycle); a sufficient range for the daily commute between home and work. With its two electric motors and PureTech petrol engine combined, you'll enjoy a total power output of 300 horsepower with four-wheel drive. 


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*The electric range you achieve in real life conditions will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. Only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical standard.

PureTech Petrol Engines

Enjoy exceptional performance with our powerful and efficient petrol engines. In order to meet future standards, your engine is equipped with the latest innovations that reduce CO2 emissions such as 200-bar injection pressure.

To maximise their efficiency, we’ve also fitted all our PureTech petrol engines with the latest GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) which efficiently deals with particulate emissions from direct injection petrol engines.

Discover more about PureTech Engines here

BlueHDi Diesel Engines

Fitted with the latest innovative pollution control system, our BlueHDi diesel engines are recognised for their high level of efficiency. Less polluting and higher performing, they comply with new WLTP standards. The new BlueHDi exhaust system slashes NOx emissions while also cutting CO2 emissions significantly when compared to standard diesel engines.


BlueHDi diesel engines are best suited for drivers that cover more miles per year, and drive frequently on motorways.