The instinct for adventure

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UNIQUE APPEARANCE A taste for adventure

Gloss Black roof bars and painted aluminium protection front and rear give the design of DS 4 CROSS a touch of adventure. Characterised by its charismatic look, its CROSS badges on the front doors, premium alloy wheels and exclusive options, it’ll inspire all your journeys.

EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY Safety for all conditions

Available exclusively on DS 4 CROSS, the Advanced Traction Control and Hill Assist Descent Control option gives you the best possible safety in all conditions.

Advanced Traction Control

This system adjusts power to the front wheels and with its three drive modes enables you to drive safely over difficult terrain such as snow, sand or mud.

Hill Assistant Descent Control

Limit the risk of skidding or losing control on slopes. In forward or reverse gear, on roads or tracks, this system enables you to maintain a constant speed on hills steeper than 5%.

wheel of ds 4 cross

DYNAMIC & AGILE Powertrains available on DS 4 CROSS


E-TENSE 225hp


PureTech 130 Automatic
PureTech 180 Automatic
PureTech 225 Automatic


BlueHDi 130 Automatic

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