High technology throughout

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You can personalise the smart graphics of the driver's 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster. A scrolling menu controlled via the steering wheel gives you all the driving information you’ll need.

It has six modes including DS CONNECTED PILOT and DS NIGHT VISION.

The 12 inch central HD touchscreen lets you operate various functions with a gentle ‘virtual’ push or by using the central crystal control*.
It gives you access to features including comfort, media, connectivity and Mirror Screen** (Android AutoTM, Apple CarPlayTM and MirrorLink®).


* According to version ** Requires a compatible smartphone

DS NIGHT VISION: see in the dark

By helping you to see better at night, DS NIGHT VISION enables you to build an accurate picture of the road ahead and spot hazards sooner. An infrared camera in the grille detects pedestrians and animals in the road up to 100m in front. You'll see the road ahead in the digital instrument display with potentional hazards highlighted in yellow, changing to red as they get closer. An audible alert can sound depending on how close these are. This enables you to anticipate hazards and react accordingly.


During long journeys, a lack of concentration or poor visibility can result in hazardous situations. DS SAFETY groups together major functions that will make every journey safer.


DS 7 CROSSBACK benefits from DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING* technology which can detect a dangerous drop in concentration. An infrared camera above the steering wheel works in conjunction with a camera at the top of the windscreen to monitor three signs of distraction or drowsiness: movements of the eyes, eyelids and neck. The system also assesses the trajectory of the vehicle in relation to road markings enabling it to detect sudden steering movements.

 *Available in 2018.


DS ACTIVE LED VISION: see and be seen

First shown on our DS E-TENSE concept car, DS ACTIVE LED VISION is eye-catching and functional. It features a main LED projector and three swivelling LED modules. For optimum visibility, these pivot horizontally and vertically depending on steering wheel angle, road speed and weather conditions.


When you slip inside DS 7 CROSSBACK’s cockpit you’ll enjoy the feeling of well-being and tranquillity. Its innovative technologies and avant-garde design yield unsurpassed levels of calm, comfort and efficiency.

DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION: smooth and reactive

DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION analyses the road ahead and adjusts automatically, improving comfort on the move to create a unique, smooth driving experience.


This innovative technology employs a camera placed behind the windscreen connected electronically to the front and rear axles. This works with four height sensors and three accelerometers to gauge DS 7 CROSSBACK’s reactions such as speed, steering wheel angle and braking.

Sound in its purest state

For the sound system, we called on FOCAL®, France's leading supplier of professional, home and car audio. This top of the range system, called FOCAL Electra® HiFi system, is made up of 14 speakers carefully positioned around the cockpit for a uniquely immersive listening experience.


Travel in total tranquillity thanks to the latest driver assistance technologies launched on DS 7 CROSSBACK.

DS CONNECTED PILOT: meet your co-driver


DS CONNECTED PILOT is a step closer to autonomous driving, but still allows you to retake full control of the car at any point. The innovative system regulates the speed and distance in relation to the vehicle in front. It also positions DS 7 CROSSBACK precisely in its lane by controlling the steering. Operable between 0 and 112mph*, it can come to a complete stop and set off again. It makes for driving that’s safer and less stressful in traffic jams or on motorways.


Lane Keeping Assist has been designed to work best on lanes of the road that are clearly marked on both sides (motorways and dual carriageways).

* Depending on country and speed restrictions

DS PARK PILOT*: parking made easy


This new driver aid enables DS 7 CROSSBACK to park itself parallel to the kerb or in a bay without the driver touching the steering wheel or pedals. DS PARK PILOT finds parking spaces that DS 7 CROSSBACK will fit into by driving past at speeds up to 18mph.

*Available in 2018

DS ConnectedCAM : A camera that records what you see while driving

DS ConnectedCAM is a camera system integrated into the base of the interior mirror that takes and stores pictures. Thanks to its WiFi connection, data captured by the camera can be transferred to a smartphone. DS ConnectedCAM can also record video in the event of an accident. 


Download DS ConnectedCAM ™ on Android 

Download DS ConnectedCAM ™ on iOS

When you become a DS owner you automatically gain access to our collection of Only You services. Inspired by you and created for you, it’s the cornerstone of the DS experience and evidence of our commitment to you.  Long after buying your DS you’ll continue to enjoy a suite of services that have been personalised and adapted for your every need.