DS 9

The Power of Elegance



From 225 to 360hp*

Plug-in hybrid version available

*360hp available at a later date


Length: 4.93 metres

Width: 1.93 metres

Height: 1.46 metres


From 40.4 - 256.8 mpg

33g to 159g of CO₂ / km

ICONIC Exterior design: a jewel of sophistication

Symbolic of French savoir-faire, DS 9 is now available to order at your DS retailer. Designed with E-TENSE hybrid power, our new saloon has been created to offer technical excellence, incredible comfort and unparalleled sophistication.

A modern silhouette characterised by grace

DS 9 stands out with modern lines marrying grace and dynamism. Details, from the DS sabre to the Clous de Paris finish, the DS Cornets to the FLUSH FITTING DOOR HANDLES, give the car its highly distinctive design.

Charismatic light signature

Symbolic of the DS Automobiles brand, DS ACTIVE LED VISION switches on and comes alive as soon as the car is unlocked, along with 3D Full LED rear lights emphasising the power of our saloon’s attraction.

Attention to detail

On its bonnet, DS 9 sports a sabre in “Clous de Paris” guillochage metal; a finish that’s both artistic and technical, inspired by fine watch making.

Flush fitting door handles

On the outside, you’ll be amazed by the magic of FLUSH FITTING DOOR HANDLES, which fold out when you approach and retract as you walk away.

SAVOIR-FAIRE Interior design: the epitome of elegance

DS 9 has been designed so that each occupant enjoys the same level of comfort. In the front, as in the rear, the seats are heated, massaging and ventilated. The Alcantara© lining the roof emphasises the feeling of tranquility. 

DS LOUNGE Excellence in the smallest details

The Lounge armrest in the rear helps overall comfort; upholstered in Nappa leather, it provides storage, offers USB ports and allows you to operate the massage controls for the rear seats.

You’ll be transfixed by the beauty of the materials that cloak DS 9’s interior and especially by our leathers enhancing the dashboard and steering wheel.

A high fashion interior

Leather all over

The ultimate expression of our expertise, the OPERA interior is adorned with the most beautiful of leathers, Rubis Red Nappa leather, which covers the entire dashboard and the iconic watchstrap seat upholstery. This exclusive signature also features a steering wheel that’s entirely covered in Rubis Red leather.

"Clous de Paris" Guillochage

Our craftsmen have worked on each finish as if it were the setting of a precious stone. Inspired by fine watchmaking technology “Clous de Paris” guillochage adorns the controls made by tiny nails with pyramid heads that cross and intertwine seamlessly. 

Pearl stitching

Inspired by needle point, our upholsterers have created Pearl Stitching, a particularly elegant finish that recreates the shape of a pearl, to enhance our leathers and interiors. This nod to high fashion quickly became a DS Automobiles signature.

B.R.M R180

Positioned majestically on the dashboard, the B.R.M R180 time piece, designed in partnership with B.R.M Chronographes, appears when the vehicle starts. Combining technology with elegant design, it automatically sets itself to the right time according the season and journey.

Acoustic comfort and enjoyment

With the launch of DS 9, our experts have come up with a new concept in acoustic comfort. The glass is covered with an acoustic film which together with a semi-bonded casing eliminates vibrations to give a quiet, peaceful atmosphere inside.
This superb craftsmanship brings out the purity of sound delivered by the Focal Electra® audio system with its 14 speakers.

TECHNOLOGY When advanced technology is on your side

Designed for your comfort, DS 9 features the latest technology.


Your DS 9 is in charge

With DS PARK PILOT, parking becomes remarkably easy.

This intelligent system can detect a parking space big enough for DS 9 simply by driving past at up to 18mph. With this assistance technology the car parks on its own, in bays or parallel, without the driver touching the steering wheel or pedals.


Bumps in the road scanned instantly

This intelligent suspension system relies on a camera located at the top of the windscreen as well as multiple sensors that constantly look for imperfections in the road. They transmit this data in milliseconds to a computer that operates each wheel independently. Depending on the information it receives this continuously makes the suspension harder or softer, guaranteeing optimal comfort. 


Your car watches over you

With its main LED projector headlamp and three rotating modules, DS ACTIVE LED VISION offers several modes of lighting specific to each driving situation. The modules work together to instantly adjust the angle, intensity and range of the light beam depending on driving conditions (weather and light levels). It doesn’t matter if you are driving in town, the country or on the motorway, the lighting will adapt to guarantee vision in high definition.


See what can't be seen in the dark

At night, with its infrared camera hidden in the front grille, your DS 9 scans the road in real time. The system can detect pedestrians and animals up to 100m away so you can see hazards and react quickly. 


Your car watches over you

Day and night, a system of sensors and a camera look for signs of tiredness or distraction in the driver as well as monitoring the car’s trajectory. If they detect sleepiness or a lack of attention an audible alert sounds in the cockpit and is also displayed on the central screen. 


A taste of autonomous driving

We’ve designed DS DRIVE ASSIST to help the driver while enabling them to retake control of the car at any time. This system adjusts the speed and distance relative to the vehicle in front and positions DS 9 precisely in its lane by controlling the steering, if the driver wants. It oversees speed and steering, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind at the wheel.
The system also controls stopping (within a 3-second limit) and restarting when traffic gets heavy.

DS 9 E-TENSE Taste the enjoyment of driving a plug-in hybrid

Intelligence & Performance

With our E-TENSE plug-in hybrid technology, the combination of electric and petrol provides power and flexibility. Benefit from low or zero emissions and starting off silently and quickly.

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Legal information

¹ Figures shown for fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions and range conform to the WLTP test procedure on which new vehicles have been approved since 1st September 2018. The WLTP test replaces the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) which was the testing protocol used previously. With more realistic testing conditions, fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions measured to WLTP protocols are, in many cases, higher than those measured according to the NEDC procedure. Values for fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions and range can vary depending on conditions of use and different factors such as: frequency of charging, driving style, speed, specification, options, kinds of tyres, exterior temperature and temperature inside the vehicle. Ask your retailer for more information. More details here.