Caring for your DS

During these challenging times, it’s important that we follow government guidelines and remain home as much as possible.  As a result, we completely understand that you won’t be enjoying your DS as often as usual – in fact we want you to use it less.


During this period of inactivity, we have some simple tips to ensure that your DS is maintained in optimum condition for when you’re ready to use it again:

- Check and maintain fluid levels under the bonnet as indicated in the handbook.

- Start your vehicle at least once a week to keep the battery charged and power up the vehicle’s electrical systems.  If feasible, please leave it running for a couple of minutes – up to 10 minutes maximum.

- Check the tyre pressure and maintain them at the pressures stated on the label located on the vehicle (refer to your handbook for the location)

- Finally clean your DS regularly with particular emphasis on the removal of any external deposits or bird droppings from the paintwork to prevent damage (refer to the handbook for more information). 

- We also encourage a thorough cleaning of the interior of your vehicle with a particular focus on all touchpoints within the car.

Parts & Repairs

Only continued and correct maintenance will ensure your DS performs to its brilliant best. At DS Workshops our expert DS technicians are trained to the highest level. They have the best equipment and use only DS Original Equipment and DS Approved Parts. Nowhere else is as well equipped to offer the care your DS needs combined with the customer-focused service you want.

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* Customer service designed to save you time and trouble
* Fixed prices on common maintenance and repairs for your vehicle
* All prices inclusive of parts, labour and VAT

* No work done without prior consent
* Expert technicians, specialist equipment



When it comes to maintaining your DS, we know you only want the best. That’s why our DS Workshops use DS Original Equipment and DS Approved Parts. These are produced specifically for your DS and are exactly what would have been fitted to it when it was built. High quality, extremely durable and built to replicate the performance you’re used to, DS Original Equipment and DS Approved Parts are what your DS deserves.


Looks are important and DS-approved bodywork specialists know how to put your car back to its beautiful best

Whether you've had an accident, a bump that was definitely not your fault, or a curb that just came out of nowhere, our network of DS-approved bodywork specialists can help.

Did you know, when you claim for any work to your car through your insurer, you have the right to choose where your car is repaired? Deciding to have the work done with us will see your DS put back to just the way it should be.


Oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts, giving a protective barrier so they run smoothly and efficiently

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine. We work together with Total oil as we develop our engines. Such close co-operation enables Total to formulate oils with sufficient viscosity to flow freely through our advanced, compact engines, whatever the speed, no matter how demanding the weather conditions. That’s why having your oil checked at a DS Workshop means your engine will only ever be topped up with the correct grade of Total oil.


Regular servicing will ensure your DS performs at its best and is reliable, safe and efficient

Your DS should always be serviced in line with its recommended service schedule. We have a range of servicing options available dependent on the age of your vehicle.

DS Automobiles Alloys


Worn windscreen wipers are unsafe and can cause an MOT failure so it’s important to check them regularly

If you can’t see a hazard, you can’t avoid it. That’s why it’s important to have your windscreen wipers checked at least once a year. Windscreen wipers’ efficiency depend on several factors: the arm, the stiffeners and the blade. As experts in all things DS, our technicians can check your wiper blades and see if they need changing. Worn wipers will cause your car to fail its MOT and may even scratch your windscreen.


Brakes depend on healthy discs, pads and fluid to stop your car safely. Our experts can check all of these for you

Brakes are a vital part of your car’s safety system. Despite various electronic safety aids, brakes depend on healthy fluid, pads and discs to work at their best. Our DS Workshop has experienced specialists who will check the brake discs, pads, shoes and fluid and where necessary replace them. It means your DS won’t fail its MOT for brake-related problems. And in an emergency it has the best possible chance of keeping you safe.

Book in for a brake check if:
* The brake pedal feels either softer or stiffer than usual
* The car or brake pedal judders as you stop
* Your car pulls to one side as you brake


The tyres are the only connection your DS has with the road so it's vital they're in good condition

The minimum legal tread is 1.6mm. But in line with tyre and road safety experts, we recommend replacing your tyres when their tread reaches 3mm, just to be on the safe side. If any part of your tyre’s tread is below the legal limit, you could be fined £2500 and get three penalty points for EACH illegal tyre. Our experts are always happy to check tyres free of charge.

It's good practice to check tyre pressures and wear every two weeks, and always before long journeys or carrying heavy loads.


If your DS has shock absorbers in good condition it will handle and brake better and ride more comfortably

Did you know that after covering 12,500 miles, a shock absorber has been subjected to stress at least one million times? Or that worn shock absorbers can increase braking distances by 35% and cause tyres to wear 25% faster? Shock absorbers that are past their prime can also reduce grip in corners and make steering more difficult.


Book an appointment with your local DS Workshop if:

* You notice your DS swerving abnormally in tight bends
* Your tyres start to show abnormal wear.


The timing belt is vital for a smooth-running engine. If it fails, the whole engine could need replacing

Think of the timing belt like an orchestra conductor. As long as it’s working, everything is perfectly synchronised, in this case the engine’s pistons, valves, crankshaft and camshafts. On your DS, the timing belt will be made up of the belt itself, the tensioning roller and the winding rollers. The original DS specification of all these components goes beyond normal requirements to keep your engine running smoothly for longer.

Your DS Servicing handbook will advise when your timing belt is likely to need replacing. It is important that you make note of this, as damage or breakage can have dramatic repercussions.


Your car won’t do anything if the battery isn’t in good condition

Batteries lead a hard life and are the most common cause of breakdowns. As well as powering the engine's starter motor, the battery runs the lights, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, sat nav, even the horn and clock. The battery is charged by the alternator when the engine is running. But even the premium batteries we use degrade over time. Short, stop-start journeys and cold weather take a particular toll on their health. At DS we can check your battery and tell you exactly how much life it’s got left in it.


Our DS Health Check is a visual inspection to reassure you that your DS is in the best possible condition

Our DS Health Check has been designed to ensure that any potential problems with components that suffer the most wear are discovered before they manifest themselves. The points our DS specialists will check include braking components, tyres, exhaust, steering, suspension, lighting, fluid levels, battery, windscreen wipers and bodywork. It gives you the reassurance that little niggles will be found before they turn into big problems.


Why Adblue® is Important

AdBlue® is a non-toxic, non-flammable, odourless water-based liquid. It is carried in a dedicated tank and needs refilling approximately every 12,500 miles. Use varies depending on driving style and your DS will give you plenty of notice before the AdBlue® runs out.


Every DS with a BlueHDi diesel engine minimises its environmental impact by a process called Selective Catalytic Reduction. This injects a liquid called AdBlue® into the exhaust gas and converts nitrogen oxide pollutants into harmless nitrogen and water.


You can replenish it yourself and our new 5-litre AdBlue® container makes this very simple. Our AdBlue® container has been specially designed to top up your DS with no fuss, no mess and no waste. It costs £7.99 incl.VAT and ensures the Euro 6 or Euro 6.2 BlueHDi diesel in your DS meets the strictest environmental criteria for thousands of miles to come.



Telemaintenance lets you know if there is something that you need to get fixed on your DS. Discover if your DS is eligible for this FREE of Charge Service.