Your DS is packed with technology designed to make your life easier. Take DS Telemaintenance, this enables us to monitor the key functions of your DS remotely. If your DS needs attention, we’ll tell you.

How to activate DS Telemaintenance

This service is offered free of charge, but you must subscribe to it – to allow us to use over-the-air data from your vehicle. Most DS vehicles equipped with DS CONNECT BOX Emergency & Assistance System are eligible to benefit from DS Telemaintenance.

Subscription is via the MyDS app (Vehicle tab > Connected Services section), or via the DS Services Store website.  Simply sign into your account, add your vehicle using your VIN (detailed in your Warranty and Maintenance Booklet and on your DS windscreen) and subscribe to DS Telemaintenance.

You can rest assured that all of your DS vehicle`s data is secure and encrypted which guarantees privacy and peace of mind.


What DS Telemaintenance monitors

It will tell us if your DS requires attention to vital fluid levels such as oil, the powertrain including engine, safety systems such as the airbags, driver assistance systems including Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or braking systems such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

DS Telemaintenance will even tell us if your DS needs a service. As soon as we’re alerted, a member of our DS team will contact you. With your permission, they’ll book your DS into a DS Workshop of your choice at a time to suit you.


Why it will make your life easier

Your chosen DS Workshop will be furnished with all the information it needs to return your DS to perfect condition, quickly and efficiently.

Rest assured, the data we gather from your car is completely secure and we’ll only contact you as part of this free service if it’s something that needs your attention.

DS Telemaintenance is offered for three years minimum, or for as long as your DS remains subscribed. You no longer need to trust your car’s wellbeing to memory.



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Maintenance e-book

Find easily all the information related to the maintenance of your DS thanks to the digital maintenance book "Maintenance e-book".